creative media

creative media is the ability to restructure or construct ones understanding of a situation or event such as advertising or publishing.

when compared to computing they are very different the word, computing suggests the use of technological devices when added to the creative aspect it is the emphasise of technical detail over creative potential using computing science and computing related fields for example journals and degree programmes.The use of primary and secondary resources is essential when finding information as a journalist etc. primary is collected directly from the source as if going to the heart of the source where as secondary is when one decides its best to get there information evidence from experts or professionals about the subject this can sometimes result in more accurate information as the individual recives a more reliable or accurate response rather than getting biest information from attention hungry companies also on top of that they can get extra facts about the object.creative media is a range of filming,research,editing and communication skills.When looking towards the editing aspect of creative media you can go further such as video,audio,media,screen casting and animation.They can take place on a software such as photoshop which has a wide range of simple functions to begin editing your work.The definition of editing is to modify a piece of work or document.People who would work as an editior may work with a magazine or any other popular company whether it is mac or mac donalds and make an image they want to look nicer such as mac donalds may want someone to edit a burger so that it looks tastier and more appealing.Another example may be that for a magazine they want an image of a celebrity to look prettier an editor would change the appearance of the characters makeup or skin to make them appear younger and blemish

We also do coding in creative computing,this is when you use codes to control the functions of systems coming can be used anywhere in technology. In my classes we use app inventor which is a website where you can create an app you want using a code.Some simple things we have started doing in class Is making our app do something as simple as making a vibration when you press a button what’s amazing about app inventor is that it already has very well done codes which you just need to add together to create functions,once that happened we could also create a code that enabled the app to say a phrase we wanted it to such as stop shaking me etc or hello to make it more entertaining and interactive for the user.Another way we where able to use coding skills was on a website clef twine,this website allowed people to create interactive stories where the audience/reader could determine the outcome and story line throughout.We where given a topic time from this I made a story based on a young man we is rediscovering his late fathers business where he made clocks and antiques but in particular they where working on a time travel machine.using code I was able to add images videos and change the format of my story and design.Becasue this topic is new to me I went on Google and searched up idea on how to create a code that would allow to add an image of a business man on my story some had some what the right code I needed but after a few altering I was able to get what I wanted.

Qual research, is research that is measured by the quality it has rather than the amount and cause be more efficient as the individual will gain more of an understanding of reasons and opinions this method is commonly used to undercover trends in thoughts and opinions getting a more in depth view. Quant research is research that is measured by the amount, they generate into numerical data and can be a way of getting a reasonable conclusion from data such as attitudes, opinions and behaviours etc. and is mostly used when using surveys either digital or oral

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