The increasing accessibility to the Internet has not only increased the capability that humans have but have also worsened a fair amount of problems.

Before it was letters then it expanded to wide set computers and mp3 players and now it’s smartphones and YouTube.Smartphones have given people the opportunity to do basic activities quickly and more effiecntly as they would not have to leave there room and only have to press a few a days people can chrome cast entertainment onto their televisions and monitor security as well as do functions such as turning a light on and off and other simple activities such as controlling toasters and fridges are now being used and created by many people and the numbers of the amount of people using them are increasing rapidly.But what darker consequences may arise as people become less and less willing to do simple activities themselves.incresingly health has become a very big issue world wide many people enjoy the privileges of fast food however if people are not even willing to stand up for a short period of time as well as not already participating in hobbys or physical extraicuricular activities how much worse will this issue become.Another topic that has become an issue due to the expansion of Internet possibilitys and use is Internet safety people have been able to contact and spread views via the Internet all abroad this is good as it allows people to learn and become more aware of issues that have happened are a happening around them however does it reach a case of extremity when people are able to not only share helpful and happy views but also notorious and not so kind ones which has increased extremists possibility especially towards teens are they are the main users of the Internet and social media they are succeptible not only because of the wide amount of temptations but also due to their adolescence which makes them a more favoured target.Although their is a way that social media websites and the Internet as a whole has tried to rebuttle this issue they have created child protection apps and monitors to flag and or either block perpetrators of unpleasant behaviours.As the amount of the people using the Internet expands this will definitely lead to an increase in other problems and it was become very difficult to monitor what millions of people are doing.Propoganda is widely spread across the Internet as addressed earlier other very extremist countries such as China and north Korea etc because having noticed the amount of power propoganda has online they have censored the Internet in order to not allow people within their country to access it and see how in fact ignorant their leadership.Popular brands like apple etc are the formers of smart software and etc.In the future many other countries may start to censor certain information online in order to secure and stop what people access

,and it will become more of the norm.Due to groups such as the millenuils due to growing up in a very internet based enviroment are even be able to do certain actvivties such as access pirated or illegal websites to download or watch entertainment such as movies and are also able to hack or access private websites easily this is even more strange when children as young as nine are now being able to so this due to access to electronic devices commonly phones.Due to the high amount of profit that the internet makes billiondollar companys such as google have already bought popular apps such as youtube etc and encourages the audiences productivity by giving rewards such as money.Youtubers who have a high amount of subscribers can now profit greatly from making videos online.Youtubers such as pewdiepie,comedyshortsgamers etc now make ten times more money then the average occupation and thats just from doing videos on Youtube.Another way people can easily profit online by using their creativity is by creating apps many people have created apps such as Facebook,Snapchat which as now globally popular.And because a high percentage of the world and still increasing has access to the internet anyone can now turn a small idea into a big success.This is also being make easier with apps such as app inventor where you can create your own app using codes so the Internet is a very easy place to expand yourself on and your talents.But in some cases for some occupations such as jornalism or photography which I would like to pursue the Internet has made the occupation worse now everyone has a phone everyone has access to a camera if someone is somewhere are the right time with their phone they can take great footage of anything.

The Internet has also improved the circumstances when it come to shopping because now many people can use website such as argos,asda and boohoo whether it is for food or clothes things are now a lot more faster but efficiency can be questioned.This is because many people do not know Wether or not the website or product it self is reliable it may not be the right size or look exactly how it was presented and lack of senses such asda touch,smell and sight etc can make it difficult to make appropriate decisions online especially when it comes to food as most people worry about scams especially when it comes to clothes from websites abroad.It is very common for websites to falsely advertise their products in order so people believe the quality is better than it is and want to buy.But in anther aspect people can access banks online also which although make things easier but more risky as well when people work now they can have money put directly onto their bank accounts and do not have to receive cash which can be dangerous and also inconvenient I mean imagine having 1000 pounds in a purse that would be a definite hassle especially when getting money in and out of your bag you could easily lose or misplace some and not even be aware of it.

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