Cinema(guardians of the galaxy) review

I recently watched the guardians of the galaxy 2 and was surprised by how much i enjoyed it, i remember when i watched the first one and was displeased and ended up not finishing it and usually the stigma with sequels is that they tend to be a big flop compared to the first so i did not have much high hopes.My creative class was first offered the opportunity to watch the film as part of a trip(film fest) i first was not going to go but then decided to as i wanted to keep good attendance and thought it would be much better to do then maths and normal class lessons.I was around 10 minutes late when getting into the cinema and had a pretty asymmetrical type attitude towards the film first look at the film setting and i thought gosh this is going to be a long day as i was not a big fan of scfi space type films. Unexpectedly my attitude quickly changed as i found the charters such as groot and gamora surprisingly interesting and not necessarily funny as the film was intended to make me feel but very intrigued by the different characters and terrestrial creatures and worlds.

Image result for groot

The one i found most interesting was the love bots world as the female characters representation and appearance can be interpreted as slightly controversial and inappropriate when fully analysed to go further onto this point i was shocked when i found out this film was a pg13 due to the continuous sexual innuendos through out,such as the very odd world contraxia with the characters love bots who are the prostitutes of the galaxy whos main job is to give pleasure to all the different aliens of the universe.

Image result for love bots

the film contained a structure that is very typical to american films which is the  quick jumps to different topics and scenes as i personally enjoy films where i can see some character and story development so the story feels some what more personal  that did not impress me . Secondly the very cringey attempt at some jokes are what really made me giggle inside when watching the film.Besides that my experience watching the film was very pleasant and i enjoyed it greatly.

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