Film overview 

When creating my film for my creative media projects I faced a lot of challenges especially when it came to the controversy of the would be very difficult to get physical footage which I desired,due to this difficulty I found myself having to get my footage else where such as on YouTube and picking specific scenes from documentaries which specifically exposed the accuracy in my points that religion is very corrupted.When getting these scenes due to my poor editing skills I found it difficult and time consuming when alone just trying to edit and crop small scenes from a bigger film, then also having to group those different finding together so that I came across some what presentable and professional.On my first day of looking for physic footage I decided to go to a church I looked into multiple places many where shut and after a while due to the harsh weather decided to go home and find a church closer to my destination when I did find one church I presumed to be the one. I turned out not to as the individual instead held a house praying session rather then a complete church session which I had wanted.I had wanted a church setting in particular  due to previous experiences I had had as a child when seeing people do there so called worship and thought this would be just an excellent scene to end the film on especially added with some faint instrumental Christian music behind.When creating my audio for my film I first calculated the timing of each scene I would have and made sure to create a script that was a close replica when it came to time so that I could easily add it above the scene on my editing software.However when I first recorded on my phone with my peer I found out when trying to share my audios to other social media’s so that I could somehow link it to the film that I was unable to share it via my phone I immediately searched for apps that may help but that did not work and soon had to instead make my voice notes via what apps as I could easily share it else where easily.But then due to making 4 separate recording for each scene example intro ,first scene ,second scene,third and finale I was unsure as to how I would be able to add these recordings together so that they would stimultaneasly continue playing without an akward pause between.Once we created out church scene by going to the church we where unhappy with the quality of the footage for example the constant movement and the camera quality so I decided to take out the church scene and include a scene from YouTube of an African recital ceremony and I included the piano piece from the composer Clifford Borg who performed at the church we went to.Because i didn’t include that physical camera piece I had to take footage of my peer ending the film so that we could follow the brief.When i attended my next class I was taken a back by one students piece they gave in as I felt I was the only person behind on the film however I turned out that he was the only person in the class that had completed it and some students had not even started yet.I was also unhappy with the software as I was unable to split a piece of film in two to take out a particular scene with a talker however when publishing it to YouTube I was able to cut it in half and extract that scene out which solved the problem.Overall although we where 3 days behind we where still able to create a finished piece which was some what entertaining.

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