Generation x,y,z

These three generations are all a result of the conditions they grow up in and all have characteristics,points of views and opinions on life as a whole which are a very different but a function of social,economic and political issues through there life also importantly technology which has a very big impact when it is introduced.People born within Generation x have a very strict opinion when its comes to life and are very obedient as many of their opinions are a function of what has been taught to them by elders and parents where as people from Generation z are more open minded and less religious also due to access to much broader opinions and events made possible by the internet.These characteristics they gain then on tend to have a very different effect on the world around them when it comes to business and social attitudes and they respond to things differently and therefore are marketed differently and this is very important to there elders as they will be the future of the world and therefore will have a very different impact on how things work socially,politically and economically.

Generation x,

also know as theBoomer clients run between the years of 1965 and 1985 is someone who embraces the current oppurtunity they have and because they where not born into an era which has technolodgy they must be completely relient on memory as they do not have phones or other technological devices acccessible.Many people who are generation x tend to have charceriststics which are as a result of the many economic clashes and downsizing tend to be the most casious of all.Also due to the staggering increase in divorce rates many of them also lived in one parent homes which can lead to a lot of emotional problems as a result of this and tend to lonely added on the fact that unlike future genertions they did not have technolodgy at their lesiure.Due to these many downfalls they have seen from parents and adults many of the baby Boomers have an interest in the environment this ia because they see the imapact global waeming could have and have nothing from holding them back unlinke generation y who are very technolody based and would rather support a phone factory then a enviromental charity and want a better quality of life as to not follow in the footsteps of the older generation.They are very skeptical and independent and are very hard to market to as they are very unlikely to listen to untrustworthy marketing.Many people in generation x also are not loyal and may move around regularly in life as such leading to a constant change in employment for businesses.Many children in furture generation for example could easily access websites such as bitesize or digital calculators where as they had to rely on books and teachers or other mentors.

Generation y,

where people born better the years of the 1980s and 1990s.are a very family orientated generation due to technology which allowed parents and children to stay in contact with each other at all costs.Many parents worked at home and if not created a structure between work and home that would not collide with one another.They also had a keen interest when it came to health as they where also home and often cooked organic food for their children.Depression era individuals tend to be conservative, compulsive savers,maintain low debt and use more secure financial products like CDs versus stocks.These individuals tend to feel a responsibility to leave a legacy to their children. Tend to be patriotic, oriented toward work before pleasure, respect for authority, have a sense of moral obligation.They are the generation now who are going into the working business and they are really good going to make an impact on it also because there are so much of them.Because of there low attention scam they need to always be working and multitasking and they need to be constantly engaged.This is very important to people who will be marketing as due to the high increase of companies and Generation y workers coming into the working business and they need a way to make sure that these workers can work as efficiently as possible besides these different characteristics.

Generation z,

also know as the millennials where people born between the years of 1998 2016,Which means that majority of them are teenagers or young adults just entering college getting ready for the work life.People from generation z tend to be less religious than the generations before them, as studies have shown that less and less people are attending church regularly and the mass tend to be older people this may be because of the lack of obedience that many millennia’s have. as most of their opinions are a function of what they see they have a do it yourself attitude furthermore from my perspective internet has allowed me to see the hypocrisy within all religions therefore I see less harm done when I myself don’t participate or follow one and many may see less and less of a possibility in the existence in a god due to such a high rise in science and technolodgy .Generation z finds it very difficult to grasp a life without internet and technology as they grew up in it at a very young age.But due to their wide access to the Internet they are supposed to be the most educated generation. Millennial and great multitaskers and also very multicultural.Due to these factors millenials are also seen as the laziest generation as they have smart devices phones which could do things easily for them.If generation x wanted to talk to someone they would either have to write a letter or go to the individuals house where as millenials can just call or send text messages that type of structure where you know you don’t have to do much could easily be the cause of a lazy attitude.Due to these aspects many markets and businesses worry about the effects millennia’s will have on the economy.


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