Pirates of the carribean dead man tell no tales review

When watching Pirates of the carribean as part of a school trip I was pleasantly surprised by how good it is although all the other films where aslo enjoyable I was surprised that they had managed not to screw up the sequel.Every film I watched after the first one I always said it’s got to be this one its going to be bad but I never is as the stereotype with sequels is that they are usually bad or never live up to the expectations of the first.Which the Pirates of the carribean franchise has never failed to do once.Although I really enjoy the films each leaves my puzzled with their story lines and how they some how are supposed to be the life of one man jack sparrow.In the first couple of films we where introduced to the two characters Elizabeth Swan and Will turner

who are two unlikely people who cross paths due to previous experiences as children but oddly how they suddenly changed the characters to two new characters who are Catrine symth who is surprisingly the daughter or barbosa who we never knew even had a child.Henry turner who is the son of will turner who unfortnetly ends up living with the same curse who he tried to free his father from but ended up getting which led to his son trying to help him also and who knows maybe the cycle may continue with the other son of they run out of ideas and story lines for the next movie.The main point is I really liked the twist the movie tried to create as unlike the other films it had a more lively atmosphere and mood due to the increase of jokes and cringe scenes they tried to increase such as jacks surprise wedding with a not so attractive woman.But although the atmosphere changed the characters behaviours stayed the same which made every scene of dialogue between common characters very predictable for example I expected jack to be continuously drinking throughout unaware of his surroundings and appearing to not know what is going on but somehow always being on top of every situation .Joshamee gibbs who is always correcting him and threatening to leave his crew but somehow always coming back as all films or etc so have a set of new characters made the film slightly refreshing,although the story line of them trying to live up to their parents and somehow free them and discover who they are was are very clique topic.But not much room for originality when all the good ideas have been done before countless times.The scene I found most interesting was when the ship broke from the glass and was supposed to expand but didn’t expand to a wide amount it was some what funny but I really liked the after effects on the scene when it after rose from the sea it look so clean and realistic and was one of the most exciting reveals I have ever seen although it was not of a person but in fact a ship.

The scene I enjoyed the least was the scene when Carrine discovered her father was Barbosa it was so short I see they wanted to create that dramatic effect by having a revelation and loss so very close together but the attempt was so poor and cringe worthy as I watched Barbosa slowly fall down with the epic music in the background it seemed like and poor attempt and a strange scene.Especially when this charter is such a well known character to the film they should have given him a better end but besides that the film was still very well done.

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