Creative media

Interactive is the flow of information between a human and computer, interactive software tends to be more complex as it requires more influence than reactive software,Interactive media is different from reactive media as reactive only responds to a situation it has been given for example an if question and cant create or control what is going on.some people fear the expansion of technology will also go towards tech(robot) expansion.Non interactive is closely linked to this,Non interactive means when the computer does not require the actions of input of a user this is the least  favorable format style.

VR is an interactive software because it need the user to choose where they would like to go onto next this goes further if the individual is playing games on the VR as it requires them to be their to play.An example of a non-reactive software is a Film/movie DVD disk player as it only requires the person to insert the disk and press play other than that they just have to sit back and watch the film.

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