Job I want to pursue – Skills/SMART and Different Types of Contracts

Job I want to pursue:


I would like to be a journalist. A journalist is an individual who has a profession in writing or speaking. A person who does journalism may work for a team example a newspaper or magazine or be a solitary writer, someone who works and writes freely about any topic they choose to which many people are interested in or consider controversial. However when being a freelance writer in journalism it is unlikely to get a regular form of income. There is a broad range within journalism such as sports, communication, fashion, crime, broadcaster etc. In order for someone to be a credible journalist or to be able to pursue journalism they need to have a bachelor’s degree in journalism(c or above in English), should be able to write and communicate with other people fluently, and know a range of people in the industry this is especially important as work experience is key in journalism. Furthermore it would be very helpful to have a unique or controversial perspective on life and events going on in the world and be easily able to debate and or sway other people’s decisions towards yours. Lastly someone who wants to pursue journalism should be a good judge of character or behavioural characteristics. Example body language or certain language said orally in order to know how to react when giving an interview or questions to either add pressure or make the individual feel comfortable. The pros of journalism is that it is very broad and allows an individual to sometimes be very open about their perspective. Secondly, you will be able to travel and meet very interesting people and the work may sometimes be challenging and scary but that’s what makes it exciting. Lastly, you will be well aware of the goings on within the world and your community which will make you feel a sense of achievement .The cons of Journalism are that it can sometimes be unpredictable as in an individual may not receive a regular income to support themselves which sometimes leads to them having to be very open to other temporary occupations. Secondly, a new journalist may not even receive a paying job early and should expect their first job to be without pay. Lastly, journalism is very competitive many people want to do it however the demand for it is low. This means in order for you to become a professional journalist you must have a very special or unique broad amount of skills which will make you stand out compared to other wannabe journalist. The type of journalism that I am most interested in is communications and investigative journalism as I enjoy communication with people and can communicate well. I can very easily and effectively get my opinions across whether it be writing or talking, in some cases my opinions can even be seen as very controversial. This goes further when added to my debating skills in secondary school I regularly attended a debate club and was able to easily argue my point with another person. Furthermore, I would like to travel and communicate with people with interesting stories and perspectives on life (tribes etc.).On top of that I regularly like to research about the economic, social and political issues going on around the world.

Finally, I am a very good at keeping track of my work and keeping a log of each thing I do within my life so that I do not forget it. One goal that I have in particular which will help me to get towards being a professional journalist is that I will first enter a competition. In this competition we have to make a film based on a topic that we are passionate about I decided to make my topic about religion specifically Christianity. If I win this competition I will have an opportunity to go to a media/TV station and see the behind the scenes work, this specifically will be very helpful for me as I can further present my abilities on my CV and have a greater opportunity to get into media. Another goal I have is to make a personal blog or YouTube account where I can further express my ideas and opinions on different topics. This may help me build my global awareness with other people. Lastly, I also have very poor Photoshop and editing skills so I would like to improve that by downloading software such as Photoshop and adobe premiere pro to practice independently. This is important to me because I would like be more independent and if I decide to start a YouTube account I want to be able to create one by myself.



Specific and strengths – I want to be a journalist and I’m working on my strengths regarding communication and knowing more about the creative media industry. Reason why I’m attending this course and in 2 years’ time, I’ll complete it successfully.

Measurable – I’m attending all the classes, doing my assignments according to the deadlines. I’ve been involved in all the required activities in order to perform even better. In addition, I know that in 5 years’ time, I have finished my university course and will be a great professional.

Achievable – It is as I know as a fact that performing academically well, I’ll be able to gain my diploma at the end of the course and going to the university or a job. I trust that this will open lots of opportunities to me and enhance my knowledge even after 2 years’ time.

Realistic – My plans are realistic as I know the pros and cons of the job but I’m determined to succeed. The creative media has several opportunities for jobs and people like me.

Time bound  – By the end of these 2 years, I’ll be completing the Btec Level 3 course which is another milestone in order to pursue my career.


Different Contracts

Permanent contracts

There are those contracts that the employees work for a company for specific time (e.g. 9:00 to 5:00 pm) and it is indefinitive. The contract gives lots of benefits as medical scheme, one month in advance for resignation, travelling benefits, sickness allowance, etc.



Loyal to the company

You can grow with knowledge and experience and plan ahead.


Sometimes, you can get stuck in the same job without any opportunity to learn new skills.

You are linked to the same days/time and no flexibility

The company could take you for granted and not provide more resources.

Temporary contracts

The same as permanent contracts but only for period of time. Then, it is down to the employer and employee to agree in extending it. It varies but the pros and cons could be similar and the lack of stability as you never know if they’ll renew the permanent contract to another period of time.


Zero hour contract


The employee has flexibility and sometimes can hold even more than one job.

The employee might be able to learn different skills at different jobs.

It might provide a good balance between work and family time as the employee can determine what days and time he/she wants to work.




No benefits as medical, travelling, sickness, pension, etc. Normally, those employee are self employed.

Get paid only for the hours of work, not paid for the preparation, travelling time, sickness, holidays, etc.

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