Evaluation film scene; car chase

The objective of this lesson was to add sounds onto a muted action film scene.When recreating the sounds in this scene I faced a lot of problems.This was mainly due to the fact that I had just begun creative media, and was therefore unaware of the features in logic pro.This problem was easily solved when receiving a lot of help from my teacher.In order to begin my work I first started by downloading pieces of audios which where already made on a website.The sounds I needed are a car driving,car reversing,door opening and closing,and various explosion sounds.There were various attempts at the same sounds, because all the car driving sounds where very light.i had to use logic pro to make the sounds more extreme and as if a car is rushing and drifting. When I created this sound I imported it onto after effects and attached it to the other pieces of recording I had chosen to use.The whole process took a very long time because I had to continuously go back onto the original video with sound, so I have something in my head to try and replicate.When I was trying to attach the recording onto my after effects I had to make sure they where in line with the timing of the video,as I need to recording to be playing at the same time the scene is so it sounds and looks like a professional video.This was very difficult because some recording where to long and had to be shortened.The recording for my car drifting was very off,and played around 2 seconds longer then it was supposed to which had an odd effect on the rest of my video.I had the same problem when trying to recreate the cars drifting and driving in between the scene.As the driving continued for the rest of the piece when I had to add other sounds such as shooting and explosions that was very difficult,because I had to find a way to make both recordings play over each other without clashing.As the driving was a big part of the scene I made the volume very high for it until it came to the fighting, then I decreased the volume of the driving and increased the explosion volume, to change the audiences attention. But made sure the screech of the drifting was still present.I did not come out as i had intended around the end of the explosion the sounds clashed slightly and sounded a bit muffled.I restarted my work a couple of times but in the end was able to get a good piece of work.Even though this task was difficult i definitely enjoyed it, as i was able to be very creative and re create the sounds while putting my own inspiration and infusion on to it.This was definitely be useful for future projects as if i decide i want to create some music, and use a sound similar to someone else I can use Logic pro to alter it without having to worry as copyright.

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