I saw a baptism at upper Holloway church today, it was very lovely. I love how enthusiastic many people in the church was. A lot of them where very quick to be interactive with the preacher and I could see the positive effect the service was giving to them.

Wanted to go to church last week but I lose my oyster, I will try to wait until i get a new one, or go to a church around my area.The last thing I need is an interview from a priest/preacher to finalise my religion research.

I was going to go to a Womens talk, however when I going to sign up for it the time it started and ended was 8 to 9, very disappointing I will try to look for other events to go to.

The topic I choose is very difficult, there are hardly any events that I could go to that talk about the situation of Feminism or Women.


I might visit the Woman’s shelter and interview people inside.


There is a strike at school on Wednesday and Friday so that will mean that I will have to do most of my work at home, and prioritise editing for the last couple of lessons that I have left.


I went to the Great British library There was a Windrush songs exhibition, this may be more helpful for my Black people in Western society questions and research. (Songs from a strange land)



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