Idea 1; (Religion) explain church footage + research

When I visited the church in Upper Holloway and Dalson , the differences between both churches was evident to begin with. As I did not attend church regularly before that instance, I could only compare my earliest memories of going to church with this one. When I first went to church I was nine, And I always remembered being very uncomfortable while in the session. This may have been because I was a very peculiar child and had a fascination with the horror and spiritual realm, and being in an atmosphere that was filled with supposedly Religious people dancing and acting erratic made me feel odd. My mother stopped going to church because she felt as if the people in their were not good  and genuine people. Bear in mind this was a predominately African church. The next experience I had going to church was with a class mate(friend), this was a predominately African church. During the church ceremony the adults were acting very erratic, more so than the other church. They were churching up and down and chanting words which sounded very demonic. I stood straight and silent very uncomfortably, When I looked at the other children in particular one child, I noticed that their parent was forcing them to pray and so was the other parents forcing their child to pray also, due to peer pressure I started closing my eyes and moving oddly and praying to. It was obvious to me that this church was doing something other than Christianity, because the atmosphere felt tense and strange. I never went to that church again. When I went to the Upper Holloway church the first thing that I noticed was how diverse the church was and upbeat, the church in Dalston felt very disconnected, and when I talked to my friend about it the said they felt the same way to. The atmosphere in a church will hit you almost instantly especially if you are a Religious person. I made a documentary for my old class project about Christianity( Religion) and mainly addressed how Religion can be targeted against children due to their innocence and inability to protect themselves. When I went to the church in upper Holloway I witnessed two baptisms on two different days. I did some research on churches and it turns out that many churches particularly African churches practice witch craft and voodoo, this is in order to please the people who come to their church, people come to church hoping a better life in terms of wealth, health and beauty, if the church is unable to succeed in making the individuals life better, then the people will stop coming. And the church will stop making money. I was walking down the street with my mother and a women approached me trying to advertise her church, she kept trying to force me and my mother to come to her church, but we were never going to come. When we said that we would think about it, the woman replied there is power mostly in great numbers. I said to myself it does not matter how many people are in the group, if many or even one is corrupt then that group is not going anywhere. The greatest religious stories show individuals going on their own personal spiritual journeys. Example “Noah’s Ark”, “Abraham”  and ” Jesus” I could go on. These are just some of the topics I will address.



Since 2011, the number of religious people in London has began to drastically decrease. In 2011 the largest religious group was Christian, with 48.4%, no religion 20.7%, Muslim 8.5%, Hindus 12.4% and Jews 1.8% etc and then in 2017, it hit its peak when over 50% of people in London had no religion, and most grew up in a religious family household. Many people would expect that since the rise in immagration that, that number of religious people specficially Muslims would increase, but thats not the case for now. Christisnaity has seen a drastic decrease, This is something I have noticed as well. When I first went to church a couple times as a child, the main thing I noticed was how packed the church was, when I went again a couple of years later that number had decreased. And in 2017 and 2018 when I went to church to do some reaseach their were hardly any people there at all, in most churches it was a dozen most. When watching many videos and talking to many students about the topic, many said they where not religious because there is to much corruption in religion, and with all the violence going on with religions that is shown on media it is something they would like to stay away from.

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