Idea 1 (Religion)



Religion has always been a topic that most intrigued me, I found it very fascinating how a simple holy book which continuously talks about peace and equality could easily cause so make chaos and hate among most. It very clear to see that centuries of different man made tales and stories have somewhat filtered the true message that was originally given. Just how much of what we are told can we trust, when the best and holiest are doing the worst? This is evident when looking at catholic and Christian churches and boarding school conspiracies. If I were to base my project on Religion, My main purpose is to show the very hypocritical and evil practices that many seemingly average churches practice. But also the positive influences that religion can have on people also. As a Christian myself, I noticed just how much hope and encouragement that Religion can give many people, it gives them something to believe in and a positive way to lead their lives. I may not regularly attend church on Sundays but I definitely try to lead my life in a positive way, and follow the commandments such as don’t steal, lie and etc.


I recently visited a couple of churches in different areas of London and the difference is obvious. The first church I visited was in Barking a local church, as expected the church was predominately black African. As I have been to 2 churches before and the attendees where African the atmosphere was more than familiar, as I was not long bombarded by loud music, prayers and cheerful people. When I visited the Dalston church the first thing that intrigued me was the diversity within the church. I saw some Asian, white and black people/families there. This struck me as commonly many Asians/Indians tend to be Hindu. I was hoping I could interview the individual but he looked very busy. The contrast between both churches is something I am definitely not going to forget. There is a stereotype about predominantly black and white churches and now I see how realistic it is. I didn’t attend the full time of either churches but for the short period of time I was there, I definitely see how different people behave in churches rather than in their own homes. When I was in Primary school we would often have visits to mosques. Often in media Muslims are presented as terrorists, rapists, sexist and racists etc. But when I entered the church the behaviour was very peaceful and quiet. I recently watched a documentary about Reggie Yates and it showed the very sexist attitudes that many men of different races and religion have. If this behaviour is so common then why don’t they present this in their holy areas of worship? What about being in a church or mosque changes a person’s demeanour.


These are just one the questions I intend to answer in my documentary. If I were to apply this topic to my project, I aim to answer many controversial questions that some people are afraid to ask about out loud.

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