Idea 1;(Religion) Interviews conclusion + Opinion

The people I have interviewed are anonymous in order to protect identity and not make the individuals gender the main focus rather than their answer.

Are you Religious?


Peer/: yes

Peer/student: Yes

student; No

p; Yes

What religion are you?

I: A Christian, a person who believes in god/Jesus

Peer/: Christian

Peer/student: Muslim

student; atheist

P; Christian

P; athiest

How big apart of your life is religion?

I: Yes

Peer/: Yes

Peer/: Yes

student; No

P; Not as much as it should be

P; although I’m not religious everywhere I go religion always comes up in discussion

Do you go to your holy place regularly?

I: No

Peer/: Yes

Peer/student: Yes

student; No

P; No

P; no

Why don’t you go to your holy place regularly?

I: Because the people in the churches I have gone to have not been good.


P; I dont have time, I work 5 days a week and when I have free time I would prefer to save my money or sleep. Church’s start to early in the morning.

Why do you go to your holy place regularly?



Peer/Student: Because my parents go and I want to keep my faith strong

Do you pray regularly?

I: Yes

Peer/: Yes


p;NOI probably pray like once a week if I remember as bad as that sounds.

Do you think there is a lot of corruption in your religion?

I: Yes


Peer/student: Some

student; Yes but more in some

P; Definitely I have seen some first hand in churches that I have been to in the past

p; yes

If so what types of corruption are there?

I: There is a lot of corruption because men having taken control and changed the meaning of the holy bibles, Men have been allowed to believe they are gods themselves, and they use this power against there followers because they are ignorant and use it to hurt people and children.


Peer/student: In the Muslim religion there are a lot of people who kill other people and justify their actions by using the Quran. And they present a bad image of Muslims

student; I think their is a lot of violence in a lot of religions, and many people who do the complete opposite in their lives then what their holy book tells them to do. Also there are many religions who try to force their beliefs onto people using violence which is wrong.

P; when I went to a church when I was younger, a woman who was part of the choir said very mean things to another one behind her back. I then saw her not to later hugging that woman and offering her food. It made me feel very self conscious then on about the things I said and did.

p; There is a lot if violence in many religions I chose to be atheist because it seems like an easier option, because when I look at other religions and their practices it is very rigid and strict and I don’t like having rules and regulations in my life. Many other religious people will try to force their beliefs on others and I think that is wrong.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words Muslim/Islam ?



Peer/Students: Faith

student; Terrorism

P; Allah



Peer/student; Many Muslims are very dedicated to there religions and they follow very strict schedules and practices, which infers that they are very faithful and committed.

student; When you watch English TV and they say anything to do with Muslim its always something to do with terrorism or is negative.

P; thats the name of their god I think

p; don’t know what to say

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Christianity?



Peer/student: Faith

student; Religion

P; Bible





peer/student; same answer as the one above.

Student; I dont really research much about Christians they seem to be the most just among other religions.

P; Its the name of their holy book.

p; don’t know what to say.


Conclusion ;

The overall answer from the survey, was that their is a lot of corruption within all religions but some are presented more than others. Many people I talked to where religious however they did not embody which they think was the ideal religious person, example they did not pray or go to church regularly and swore and lied a lot. And this was odd because for many of them although religion was a big part of their life they did not follow it as well as they should. This infers that outside influences and temptations are much stronger than religious ones.





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