Idea 2 ; (Black people in western society) Primary + secondary research

When the Black lives matter movement first stared in order to fight against Police brutality, the reactions were mixed, many black people and some other races felt that it was a big problem in America and that the police where taking advantage of their power. I think that the police are taking advantage of their power and this is evident when looking at the incidences when people are shot, not taking in mind whether the victim was white or black. I went on a police cam rampage and watched many videos of them continuously. One of the many that shocked me the most was when the police shot a handicapped African American man multiple times. The first problem was the fact that their where dozens of police officers for this one man that was unable to go anywhere because he was in a wheelchair. Then the police officers insisted the man raise his arms up but he was unable to because of his disability, then they shot him and killed him. This reaction was definitely unnecessary and the police should have used another weapon if they really feared for their “safety”.  Its easy to see that the police target Black people for very miniscule reasons, and then those reasons lead to death. People always rebottle this statement by using statistics and saying that white males are killed more by police, which may be true. Identity is a big problem for black people living in Western society, as they are disconnected from their original origins Africa many African Americans feel incomplete. This could be said for European Americans also.


Their has been an increasing amount of people in particular African Americans who in order to find our their heritage take Ancestry tests such as Ancestry dna, My heritage dna,  Family tree dna and 23andme. These tests can be easily done by giving urine and saliva samples, Even though these tests do provide some type of answer to peoples questions they are not completely accurate. Due to the amount of gang crime involving Ethnic minorities in particular blacks, its not difficult to understand why many Europeans feel uneasy about blacks in their country. Sometimes I watch YouTube videos like “How to slid into them dms” and “Message to my ex”, and when many of them talk about their love interest or their preferences the first thing they talk about is the individuals colour, such as whether they are light skin or dark skin, and this is with the black teens alone. The most ridiculous thing that was said was when a dark skin black teenage girl said that another girl was an “ugly dark skin girl”, why would she even feel like that would be a relevant description for another person especially when it could be easily used to describe herself. I hear these colorist comments myself all the time. Colorism first began during slavery, as lighter skin black people would be chosen to work inside the homes whereas dark skin black people would work in the fields. and this extended to privileges when it came to work and love, as lighter skin people are more likely to be able to get a job and get married. Because of this many people would date interracially or with lighter people so that there children would be more ideal(Lighter), and have a greater chance of succeeding in society and being treated better. Living in a European society that always advertises European standards and ideals of beauty, means that this way of thinking is still a big part of the black community.


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