Idea 2 (Black people in society)

Black people in society;





Black people in Western society had been a topic that has intrigued me for as long as I can remember. The relations between black people in America, England and the Caribbean has always interested me, my mind is always in a cluster when looking at the conflict and disagreements between black people all over the world. Although we all share the same connection to a land Africa how comes not all of us will accept it or one another. It could be that having been brainwashed to segregate ourselves within our own communities due to European/western interests had caused this problem or is it. If I choose to use this topic for my project I intend to discover and present to others the many problems different black people face all over the world and in England in particular. And how we can begin to solve these problems. To do this I will Interview the Black and White public of England (London) in particular Barking and Westminster. And ask them how they feel Black people are treated and the things they see and experience personally. This will be an essential part of my documentary as if I will know what possibly average everyday British people think and it will give me and the audience an overview on the problem and what is being done to solve it. I have had a wide range of friendships with people all over the world it seems a very common opinion amongst Africans seems to be a sense of exclusivity. Many Africans are unwilling to consider Black people internationally as one of their own. Before Black people had to characterize themselves are British or English whether or not they were not as a way to ensure there rights and needs where being met, in a foreign country who considered them as not even human. Now that there has been a lot of improvement, but still more to be done I think it means that black people all over the world can begin to reconnect with their roots. Pan Africanism Which Is a movement that not many black people know about is, the principle or advocacy of the political union of all the indigenous inhabitants of Africa. This will be another subject that I want to touch on, on my film and I want to ask Africans and Caribbean’s why there is so much built up tension between them. As a black Caribbean myself I see the tension between both communities quite waterloostation 1964

Once I ask the public questions I will create a survey from these results to see the common opinions and then once I have found a commonality, I will create a brief overview of the topic and the conclusion from it. As this specific topic is not often talked about I hope the findings to those who choose to live their life in ignorance, Will give them some new found knowledge to some of the stuff that goes on around them. And just what was the cause and could be the solution to this on going issue.

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