Idea 2;(Black people in western society) My conclusion + Opinion

The people answering the questions are anonymous, in order to protect their identity and not make gender the main focus rather than their answers.

What is your nationality/race?


Is your race an important part of your life?


What race do you think is the most discriminated race in the world?



Because of slavery, and there are a lot of racist people

Do you think that white people have more privileges in western society?


Do you think white people had more privileges during the 80s?


Do you think that African Americans are targeted more by the police?

To some extent

If yes why do you think they are targeted more than other races?

I think that the police always target black people african americans for very minuscule situations such as tickets. I think they do this because they are racist and they make money from prosecuting people, so why not just prosecute black people since we already do not like them.

Do you think people find it difficult to talk about race?

Yes I think White/Europeans find it difficult to talk about race.

Do you have any friends who are are racist or prejudice?

No , because the friendship group I have is very multicultural, I would never associate myself with someone who is racist. So far I have not had to lose friends over that.


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