Idea 3;(Feminism) My conclusion + Opinion

The people answering the questions are anonymous.

What gender do you identify as?


What type of woman would you consider as a strong woman?

A strong woman is a woman that looks after her family entirely, and puts their interests above hers.

What type of man would you want to marry?

What type of woman would you want to marry?

I want to marry a woman that I am in love with, and that can help create a home and family with me.

Do you think women have less privileges then men in Western society?


Why do you think that?

Woman who don’t follow the social Norms of being a housewife and mother are often bullied. But now you see that many women get bullied by other women for being a stereotypical woman.

Would you consider yourself a feminists?

I’m not sure

What is your opinion on feminists?

I think that Feminism is good because many woman face domestic abuse, fgm and rape and need to raise awareness and solve those problems.

Do you think that modern feminists hate men?


Is Feminism an agenda that intrigues you?

Yes I want to learn more about it

Conclusion ;

when asking many people these questions in particular youths, many of them don’t seem to be keeping up with the Feminist agenda or are not seeing Feminists being involved in real issues. Many are very well aware that their are many issues that women face especially in other societies, however due to diversity those issues are now becoming a Western problem. Young people care about women but do not directly address themselves as Feminists, which may be most likely due to the fact that many of them don’t already keep up with that movement. The real question now is should young people in Britain be more involved and apart of this movement, and what different would that make if it was applied.

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