Overall conclusion;

As a result of all my studying and research on the topics Religion, Black people in western society and Feminism I have decided to base my project on the topic Feminism, I have decided to pursue Feminism because I already done work on the Black community and Religion and I would like to study something new. I have talked to many peers and many of them are very intrigued by Feminism and find the opinions that I have brought up very interesting. While writing about Feminism and studying I am finding out more points and facts every day that further express my point on how toxic and hypocritical Feminism is, and I would like to present that opinion to others. Black people in western society would be a great topic to base my project on however it has already been talked about multiple times, and I would I think I  could appeal to a greaten audience of people if I talk about Feminism. Furthermore I already a lot about race.  And I am definitely not doing Religion as I already made a whole documentary based on it and the project would be very easy for me to complete, because I know a lot about Religion in particular Islam and Christianity already. When I really Begin my project I want to do a topic that will test me and my opinions, and I don’t think it would be appropriate or possible to storm a Church or mosque setting and ask the people or priest questions, furthermore I may not get the responses I want in England and I wont be able to travel. When I was at Upper Holloway church, the preacher mentioned that their would be a opportunity to visit a mosque and talk to Muslim women, I was going to go , and thought that, that would be a great opportunity however just how much information would I be able to get from these women. This is why Feminism will be the best topic to do, and realistic. Just a while ago I downloaded the meet up app, and have signed up to go to events such as “Women’s books talk” and “Feminists rally’s”. Therefore making Feminism the most suitable topic.

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