Black panther review;

Black panther is the first marvel film whose main character is black, The film is about a King who tries to protect wakanda and its fibronium just as he had been taught to by his father.Once he discovers his missing uncle who tries to take the throne from him he decides on a different approach.This film was very enjoyable i really liked the story line and the portrayal of the female and male black characters.As the main character had a dark skin black female love interest instead of a light or white female which is usually the theme in most films.Furthermore the love interest was very beautiful and was not portrayed as fat or ugly. In the 21st century films are often judged before they even hit the market,this was evident with The Suicide Squad and people where shocked by how terrible it was.But due to the amount of positive advertisement the film was able to earn a lot of money because millions of people watched it to see how it would turn out. Already being that the film contains a predominately black cast means that you are going to get millions of black people who want to watch it , and others who are their with curiosity.I found it particularly odd that in this very overly sensitive society that white people would even consider watching this film, due to the fact that it had countless racist and negative subliminal messages towards whites.Which is strange as the producer of the film is a white Jewish man.Comments such as “colonizer” and “dont you people steal everything” etc are very blatant but im glad the film was honest.The film portrays Wakanda as a country which is packed with countless advanced resources due to he metal it naturally has.This is very realistic, and I think Wakanda is meant to represent Congo. Congo has an abundance of water and minerals which should make it the most powerful and riches country today however due to corruption its not. Although extremely exaggerated Wakanda represents what Africa specifically Congo could have been if not for colonization.And teaches some important messages to black people all over the world specifically in western society. Message being how important it is to share within their own communities and share skills and abilities to develop one another. Kill monger who is represented as the villain in Black panther was an essential part to Wakandas development.Kill monger wanted to share the metals with black people all over the world and discriminated by color and race where as Black panther (superhero) and other people who where part of his tribe discriminated based on nationality.This has a lot of truth when compared to the way Africans treat African Americans and Caribbeans. As many Africans will blatantly say that they would not consider blacks internationally as one of their own.I never understood this way or identification.Many people no matter where they genetically come from if born in England for example will always either solemnly or first identify themselves with where they where born rather then where their blood or ancestors come from.I personally could never identify myself as English due to the history but will only say that it is where I live.

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