(Feminism) Primary + Secondary research

Feminism has really changed through out time, and so has the issues that women face. Before women did not have to right to vote or get equal job and education opportunities, but things have definitely changed. Some could argue that the differences in the amount of women in certain occupations could be due to their priorities. Example many women prioritize looking after their family and home once they settle down. Most jobs that involve labor or hard grueling work are mostly dominated by men. And jobs that involve beauty and appearance are mostly dominated by women, due to stereotypes that may make many men feel emasculated if they go outside of it.

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I personally believe that women’s priorities are a big part of their choice in occupation. Should we punish company’s for something that women decide themselves not to do. Recently the amount of activities and opinions that feminists do and have is questionable. There are numerous videos on YouTube that expose the lack of education that many Feminists have, Example one feminist was asked when talking about pro life, what about women who get raped, the man responded, the child should not have to suffer because of the parents mistake. The woman completely lost her trail of fault and walked away. I personally believe that no matter what the circumstances women should be able to have the sole choice on what to do with their partner. But if she does not have a partner or is married it’s the females decision completely. This is one reason why I think that Feminism is crucial, because their a plenty of people who are pushing for pro life laws. This is stupid to me because their already is a lot of people who are not suitable to be parents, such as they lack mental and financial stability.

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So putting laws in place that will only further the population of unstable people is a terrible idea. There is a common trait when it comes to appearance that many extreme feminists have, they usually have short hair, colorful hair, piercings, tattoos, unattractive and over weight. Maybe they purposely let themselves go to go against societal norms, or could it be that these women were already very unattractive and used Feminism as a way to spew their jealousy due to their own insecurities. It’s evident that many Feminists are very unhappy with the ideal of beauty which is skinny, tall and pretty. Once the poster are the beach body ready showcasing a very slim and fit model launched it sparked controversy. As many women particularly Feminists and the body positivity movement, felt it pushed an unrealistic beauty standard. Which I agree with partially as the woman in the advert was not extremely thin, but fit. I think the beauty that Feminists and body positive women show can have just as much negative impacts as models as it pushes women to be unhygienic and over weight. Feminists next target was grid girls as Feminists are against women who use their beauty to their advantage and to profit, grid girls went on the morning show to defend their job but later grid girls were banned, I thought the main purpose of Feminism was to protect and encourage women to be able to do and have to right to do whatever they want.

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