Idea 4: Sexulisation of children

I have always found this topic very intriguing, as society begins to develop technologically and media has began to become such a big part of modern day society. I have noticed how the sexulisation of children has become increasing normalized in media and society, the main objective of my doc is to expose how easily children are taken advantage of by adults and wealthy people without any prosecution even by children programs. Many people now a days know of the infamous Disney and their outrageous films with questionable moments.The most well know moment was in the very popular Ariel film, which is about a mermaid who falls in love with a prince, during a wedding as Vanessa husband as walking down the isle it looks like the priest is becoming aroused.


As expected many parents where not happy and Disney had to immediately remove that scene. Another incident was with the lion kind cover, the artist was trying to draw a shadowy figure of a lion in the background , but to many it looked like the naked back of a woman with a curvaceous figure.


There are plenty of other incidents, when researching about Disney and looking into conspiracy theories. It had came out that apparently Walter Elias worked become very close friends with a porn producer and this was further emphasized as just in 2013, Disney had acquired a porn company(Shantibody media). If I was parent I would not want my children to watch or visit a person who has such close relations with a hardcore porn company. Even in 2012 just before they bought the company there was an incident where porn played when children where watching Lilo and Stitch. As the LGBT and Feminism movement becomes more and more popular, and many women in particular are beginning to become more sexually active and promiscuous before marriage. Children at younger and younger ages are more susceptible to peer pressure. Recently due to these agendas, they are beginning to teach young children in schools about sexuality and gender identity. I think that these lessons are necessary but children at primary schools do not need to know how sex works, or be given the right to choose their genders and whether or not they are gay,transgender or non binary etc. This will create a lot of confusion and many children may identify with these peculiar genders and sexuality’s due to pressure, as I know many children do and believe what they are taught to do and believe at a young age. I believe personally that by installing these agendas and subliminally brainwashing children at such a young age about sex, sexuality and gender will just go towards a future new world order(conspiracy). Society has made it so easy for children to have access to watch porn(sex) and violence on media and the internet that it almost seems as if they are purposely trying to get children to think certain ways. If i made Sexulisation of children the topic of my project, I intend to expose and show how media is subliminally trying to brainwash children, and will get the opinions from adults(parents) to ask them how much influence and affect they have on their children, and whether they fear for their psychological health and from children, to see just how much effectiveness this brainwashing has had on them.

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