Idea 5; Feminisation of men


Within western society there has been an increase in the amount of men who are fascinated by their beauty more and more there is an interest in their opposite counterparts towards built up and muscular bodies. Many men feel an intense pressure to impress the opposite sex, not long ago women were made to be the ones of attraction and would appeal to the man interests in order to get married but now a days men seem more interested in their physics and bodies also keeping their bodes waxed and groomed.Reggie Yates did a documentary on this and found that many men are so fascinated with trying to look good that they would even go to extreme and dangerous even fatal lengths to get what they want as steroids are illegal in England many people who desire that figure have to buy from illegal steroid makers which are very dangerous. When the makers where questions about their accountability they answered very easily that they don’t feel any accountability and once the drug leaves their home it at who ever bought its discretion.There is a new trend within the gym that includes wrapping themselves within tin foil, if done tightly when the person works out they will sweat more and lose more water which will equal losing more weight. Many people see these extreme methods as only the beginning and would go even further if they could and one did. This is very dangerous for many as they could easily have a heat stroke from the high amount of heat.


When Reggie Yates followed one workout obsessed gym individual he saw one very extreme practice he did was where he used the wrapping method on top of being in a sauna to lose even more heat, after seeing this he was nowhere near surprised that the individual was using supplement steroid pills to further boosts his figure. In my opinion I think that media exacerbates this problem as they mostly present very botched up built up men as the ideal for beauty which can make others who don’t reach this ideal insecure and feel the need to reach that goal. This is eminent as younger men are beginning to go to the gym on a regular basis, some become very easily agitated when they don’t reach the ideal in the time they intended to and that is when the temptation to use drugs become stronger. We must for both men and women and especially media stop this obsessive desire to reach an unrealistic body standard that for some is impossible to reach.



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