Idea 6; London’s crime rate

In 2018 their has been a striking amount of stabbings and shooting, so much that now London’s crime rate is above New yorks. In 2018 alone already 59 people have died and the majority involves teens and young children, This only became evident when 17 year old(girl) Tanesha Melbourne was shot in a drive by shooting. This was even more shocking because of the fact that the girl was shot in a country that supposedly have very strict gun laws.I researched many of the victims and a pattern I noticed with many of them was that they all had some type of relationship with gang members or gangs. This in no way justified their actions however could these attacks have been avoided if the parents had been stricter with their children and not allowed them to be out at such times. Their is a new trend among gangs and its called the “Point system”, this is a competitive system where gangs or gang members will compete among-st one another to commit the most crimes or acts, example fighting,stealing,killing and sex etc can all give you an imaginary point. Obviously as their is not any actual prize for having a lot of points, many young men can boost their ego and name among gang members and make themselves feel better. When I watched videos of people telling their opinions on the incidents many of them said that it was the government and social services fault, and that they should fend more youth groups etc in order to fix the problem.

youth club

However I completely disagree the main people to blame are the children’s parents as they did not implement good enough rules within their homes to stop their child from acting out and being in bad crowds, yes the government could provide a solution however they will never be the main source of fixing the problem. As it is mostly black children(men) involved and committing these crimes I will address what may be the main cause to it. Many black children do not have stable two parent households and majority of the times only have their mothers as their parent, this may seem like a minuscule problem if the mother is a good mother, however not matter what the circumstances the lack of a father figure in a household can have drastic negative effects especially for men.


For example for girls the lack of a father figure can cause the girl to seek a relationship with the opposite sex in order to complete themselves, this will lead to very promiscuous and girls becoming sexually active earlier leading to pregnancy. For men because they lack that masculine energy to teach them how to grow up and be men they tend to be over feminized or over masculines, young boys will look else where to receive that father like figure which will lead to them being over influenced by their male peers and falling into bad crowds. I see this as a big part of the problem, I guarantee that if those children had grown up in a strong two parent household, that would eliminate most of the crimes going on in today’s day and age. As majority of the problems people have begin from children within their homes. If I were to base my project on this topic, my main objective would be to ask people specifically peers about the problems they see within the black community/ youths in particular and I will use various other clips from YouTube to emphasize on my point.

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