The new race

Due to the high amount of diversity in Western society their has been an increasing amount of Interracial relationships resulting in mixed race children. During slavery mixed race people were mostly a result of rape, and were called mulatos which refers to them as inbreeds with human and mutt, which is very demeaning. When these children were born they would usually come out with very light skin and curly hair which is very desirable in the black community, although they were a mix of European and African genes they where considered black. And where treated fairly similar to full Africans with dark skin, other than the fact that they would be chosen to work within the homes rather then the fields, as their master saw them as more trustworthy. As having lighter skin is more desirable, as time progressed, having lighter skin allowed people more privelage. Example economical and marriage privelages, as people of a lighter complexion would receive more job opportunities and love interests.

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