Explaining scenes on doc

Scene 1 ; Feminism cringe

I decided to include a scene where a woman( feminist) was shouting at crowd a people in order to get her points across, to prove how many feminists try to justify and explain their intentions to people. Behind that video I included the soundtrack of our fortuna, which is outrageous when looking at the scene behind it in order to reflect on how also outrageous the woman on the videos behaviour is. I used this scene in order to start my doc as it immediately shows my opinions on Feminism and proves why most of my opinions on Feminism is negative. There are countless videos on YouTube where feminists and shouting at people and arguing with them on very meaningless issues such as whether or not people should be allowed to be obese, them trying to defend the fact that because obese does not automatically mean they are healthy and women who use there beauty to be more successful. When they should be talking about the bigger issues which affect women.

Scene 3 (interviews)

After viewing a dramatic scene I change the mood of the documentary by introducing my first set of interviews, In this scene the audience can only hear the audio and can’t see the people who are being interviewed. I did this because I did not want my audience to concentrate on the appearance of the guests and more so on what they are saying. In my interviews I change from one persons audio to another, this means that the audience hears multiple noises but can’t see the faces this is may be very confusing and uncomfortable for some of my audience. While the interviews are playing the audience can see a black screen, which ever so often shows scenes of London to represent where the interview is being taken place.

Scene 4

I decided the include this scene to show how passionate many women where. The truth is that yes during the 19th and 20th century women did have real issues such as they couldn’t vote and where paid less than men.now not so much I decided to include this scene towards the end of my documentary after my interviews, because I wanted to put my audience on an emotional roller coaster I do this throughout. I wanted to make the atmosphere very silent and melancholy. Because I expect that before this the audience would probably be talking to one another but I want them to reflect on the documentary themselves. This scene is very dramatic and it shows a woman being trampled on by a horse. Many people will find this unsettling and disturbing I want to have a shock factors to my documentary.

Last scene

I decided last minute to just have an image with audio, My image is of women of different ages, and ethnicities putting there hands together with FGM written. I decided to use this image to represent one of the ideas that I feel that Feminism does not represent on the forefront the most. Over that I talked about ways in which Feminism can be toxic to society for example the encouragement of unhealthy obese bodies, which can cause many types of health problems. And the bashing of men and women. Women in particular who live stereotypical lives.

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