Production Feedback ;

Pre ;

You went into a lot of depth I really liked that you included images of the places you will be filming, which means that the audience can familiarise the area when they are watching the film.Furthermore it was useful to have your first and second plan, plan, to show the changes that you have made during your project. The script and plan is very short and it means I can see an overview of your unit 8 film plan and how you intend it to look.

Final ;

Lack of detail, Not enough information.

post ;

You had a very detailed description of your process while editing, If I wanted to recreate this I think I could.I know exactly what clips you used and can see what you did to alter them on the software, I would have liked to see the editing up to the final result it seems un finished maybe a video would be good ( Before and after). Furthermore they liked that I included images from my editing on my phone ( screenshots).


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