My YouTube channel pre production video 1 plan: unit 10 School tips

My channel plan


PreProduction ;

Channel name ;


Idea ;

I am going to make YouTube videos about Social issues, and talk about my opinions or conduct interviews. My videos wont show my face I am just going to be talking, and show pictures relating to the topic. My first video will be about school, my school experiences and how to get by.

Video length ;

10 to 15 minutes

My audience + how I will appeal to them ;

These videos will appeal to young adults, I am going to be using colourful modern designs so that would appeal to them, (Any one going to school).

Planning for YouTube Video ; 

Video 1 : School

Overview; This video is going to talk about how its like being in a secondary and college school environment, what I have experienced and what to expect.

Script; (Me talking throughout)

Introduction ;

Hello my name is Bernelda and today I am going to be making a video about my personal experiences at school and what that has taught me.

Overview Secondary school experience ;

To put it lightly my Whole secondary school experience was complete hell, I got bullied throughout and I was miserable. I am going to give you a brief summery of my experience their and what that taught me, there is a lot so the story might be jumbled. In year 7 I was friends with a group of girls who were known as the popular girls in my area, they knew a lot of people and also had older sisters who were very popular. I decided wear a long skirt on the first day and they told me to pull it up but I did not want to. Gradually throughout the week I noticed that they had distanced themselves from me and it did not bother me. But around the end of the week when I was walking home. They followed me and started accusing me of saying mean things about them which I did not. I realised later that they obviously did not like me beforehand and just wanted a reason to bully me. There was around 7 to 10 girls I think and a lot of them were pressuring me to have a fight with one of the other girls in the group but I did not want to, it later led to led to me being jumped I went home crying that day… I learnt a lot about different people, there motives and how to react in various situations.

One of the main things I learnt was that if you have an incident with one person does not mean you had one with everyone. Whenever I had a situation with one person and they were in a group I would immediately distance myself from the rest because I felt like they would be involved when sometimes they were not. Always be nice and open with other people because the last thing you want to do is create the wrong impression and have more enemies.

Tips for school ; 

When your being bullied the main thing you do is isolate yourself you do not need to be best friends with people but be kind to those around you so that the bully cant make more people go against you.

Another thing I learnt was to be emotionless, people thrive off of a reaction, do not give it to them. If your sad make it seem as if your happy and if your happy exaggerate it. so that the bully knows they are not getting to you. you can cry later if you have to.

Furthermore do not be in large groups, Large friendship groups are chaotic. Because everyone is not always on the same page. Your school life will be a lot more peaceful if you find yourself one or two people to hang out with.

Be selfish

I learnt how to enjoy my own company, I already do not have any siblings, but when I was getting bullied, For some reason I was always felt like a needed friends in order to have people to rely on, as if I was afraid of being alone, You need to create your own hobbies and start finding stuff you enjoy doing on your own so that you, do not need to be with people to be satisfied, nowadays I enjoy my own company more.having a hobby will also keep you happy and healthy.

Look after yourself

This is very important because for many people when they are being bullied they begin to stop caring about themselves. This was a big problem for me I am a very emotional eater so I ended up having very bad habits, eating huge amounts of food, not just that but eating very unhealthy foods as well. This led to the deterioration in my health and appearance weight gain, this severely affected my self esteem and made me feel worse. if you exercise and eat healthy naturally you will begin to feel better about your self.

what my first year college experience was like ;

My first year at college was good, I kept my head down and was able to get at least one person who I hang out with regularly.

The type of work a Creative media student does ;


Feedback ; 

Teacher ;

Peer ;

Teacher ;

Peer ;






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