personal statement practice skills…

Journalism :

Multimedia Journalism (London Metropolitan university)

  • I went to West minister Kingsway college
  • I decided to do the Creative media course


  • Skills: I m a very good researcher and can pick out relevant individual words from paragraphs, analyse and interpret it
  • Did: When I was studying English, my class was given a task to read an extract and try to interpret it. I was able to create the most interpretations.
  • Help: This will help me when writing.
  • Skill: I can effectively communicate my ideas and notes
  • Did: once my class was given a task to explain there idea for their final major project, I used bullet points and from only that was able to precisely give the teacher and other students a detailed idea of what I was doing.
  • Help: This proves how I can use something very little and make it elaborate, This skill will definitely help me in university and in life as I will know how to efficiently explain something to someone else.
  • skill: I have a very confident and positive attitude, which is also very helpful when faced with challenges as I am able to deal with them efficiently.
  • Did: When in a group my team was faced with trying to find an alternative method to change the setting on a picture. We found some alternatives but it led to an argument, I insisted that we try both and hold a vote and we were able to come to a decision.
  • Skill: I work very well in both independent and team environment, and would be very valuable when the team needs someone to solve and manage problems.
  • Skill: I am a very hard worker and when given tasks will not only finish what has been given, but will try to do more.
  • Did: I finished the work that my teacher had given me in class and asked her if there was something else that I could do, but there was not, so I decided to do work from another class and help another student.
  • Skill: As I am very eager and great at time management, I am always open for new challenges, and if given them on short notice can adapt my schedules to fit it in.
  • Help: This makes me a very flexible worker
  • Skill: I can also effectively advertise and sell a product or idea that my group is trying to showcase.
  • Skill:I’m quick and snappy with my words sometimes very witty I know this will be useful when in a working environment.
  • Did: I was having a debate with another student about if social media does more harm then good, I was affirmative, the negative debater said that “social media can entertain people and make them happier”, I replied saying tat if that was the case why is amount of mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety etc relating to the social media and internet increasing”. They did not know how to respond to that.
  • Help: this will help me when in any situation particularly when I’m trying to get a job or into a school as I will be able to impress the employer or administrators and get the job or position I want.
  • Skill; I am a very hard worker and when given tasks will not only finish what has been given, but will try to do more.
  • dd: I was working at Blue inc for secondary school work experience and I made sure on the first two days to consistently ask the other employees questions so that I could make sure I understood what I had to do, and when I made a mistake they would correct me and I made sure I made the changes I needed to improve. This was noticed by the manager and employees and he offered me the opportunity to work there again when I turned 16
  • Help: This will help me improve the skills I have and become more employable, also people will feel more comfortable speaking to me.
  • Skill: Im have a broad amount of knowledge and know a little bit about a lot of things.
  • Did: I was in class writing about
  • Help: This will help me because I will bring a different perspective to an idea or conversation, In Uni I can put this to good use when doing work with other individuals our work produced will be more creative and unique then the others.




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