Research about YouTube unit 10

Old YouTube channels:

I have noticed that many older You Tubers and YouTube videos were more raw and authentic, as it mostly consisted of people recording from comfortable areas and settings. Before people could profit of , off YouTube the only people who had channels were the ones who were really passionate about expressing their views and ideas. When people were able to profit of off YouTube swarms of people started making YouTube channels and that’s when things started taking a bad turn. People were no longer making videos just because they wanted to, but rather as a means of livelihood, soon people collecting as many as 1 million subscribers and over where making thousands of pounds just from single videos with very minimum effort. I found it very odd that some could study practically the whole lives doing long hours of work day in day out in classrooms and then offices, but still would never in a year even get a glimpse of even half of that money You Tubers can earn in a week and even day. Maybe I was just jealous and envious of them. Soon after things on YouTube became very competitive and repetitive with people continuously copying others videos and ideas just to make money faking content, events and incident just to get attention and make money.

New YouTube channels:

As a fellow You Tuber and individual who spends an alarming amount of time on YouTube daily. I can easily say I know a fair amount about the types of content that pulls in a wide audience and how it pulls them in. I have noticed in the 21st century that many people seem to have a strange captivation to self depreciating videos. Before all everyone wanted to look at was someone carrying out a seemingly perfect life, but now the audience has gotten sick of that and they want something more relatable to watch. The more a You Tuber seemed to complain and moan about their life or, showcase their insecurities the more people would want to watch them. I don’t know whether it was because people seemed to get a strange kick from watching someone fail or,  because they genuinely love watching someone they could relate to and connect with across a screen. As YouTube has reached an all time high and taken over the Internet and media. I have noticed that YouTube targets and punishes smaller YouTube channels for Broadcasting content that it allows bigger You Tubers to get away with daily. I wondered why may YouTube be targeting smaller You Tubers, now that everyone seems to be making YouTube videos and thousands off people are making videos and gaining millions of subscribers consistently I wondered if YouTube/Google is struggling to keep up with them.

YouTube cliques;

There is a lot of repetitive themes with newer YouTube videos such as their intros, Many You Tubers mainly makeup channels have the same type of Intro, as if they are using the same app or creator.

Another YouTube clique is the content, once one You Tuber does something unique others You Tubers with the same themes swarm to do it as well. Such as the 1000 degrees challenge, Their was a channel which solely made content of them burning various different objects with knives, But then larger YouTube channels started doing it and making it popular and stealing that other You Tubers idea. This was also done in the natural hair community with the twist out,Eco gel and etc we do not need hundreds of  videos about the same thing.


The third YouTube clique is music and editing, Every semi popular You Tuber with around 1 million to 4 million Subscribers uses the same music, Many people say this is due to the copyright laws on YouTube. However I have noticed that many Beauty or vlogging You Tubers have the music when doing a slow motion scene, example the …



YouTube targeting smaller You Tubers:

Since YouTube has increased the amount of rules and censorship, its not hard to notice how many You Tubers and YouTube videos are being constantly taken of for not following rules in particular smaller You Tubers. And since the infamous Logan Paul forest incident this has become evident, This was when Logan Paul (15 million) went into the Japanese Suicide forest and filmed a dead body and published it onto YouTube.The YouTube video stayed on for one day and gained 6 Million views, until Logan Paul decided to take it off. why didn’t YouTube remove the video immediately. Smaller You tubers gets their videos removed sometimes minutes after its publishing. At least he should of had his channel removed. This incident proved how larger YouTube channels are able to get away with a lot more then smaller ones.

These are 5 examples of YouTube channels that are completely different.



Pewdiepie is the most successful YouTube in the world with over 60 million subscribers. He makes videos everyday relating to multiple subjects-which people are very interested in, also he plays video games. His videos mainly mock others to entertain people and make them laugh. This is why he is very successful because he creates a variety of content therefore appealing to all types of people. He has been in some controversy because of some alleged racist comments but that had little to no affect on his subscriber count and profits.



Poppy is You Tuber who makes videos to shock and scare people, the videos consists of a woman saying and doing various acts to seem controversial. The type of people who would watch her content regularly are people who are into the horror genre. Because of her YouTube platform she now makes music and performs in concerts.


udy 1udy 2udy 3

UDY is a You Tuber that makes prank videos, he makes pranks where he tries to expose woman/men who are cheaters and gold diggers by pretending to be someone who is poor/wealthy and secretly recording them. He includes very shocking thumbnails to lure his audience, or describes briefly in the title something dramatic that has happened in this situation.

Wendy William Show;


The Wendy Williams show, is a reality show that talks about celebrities and the most recent events. She also does games, answers questions (ask Wendy) and often has Celebrities come to her show. The type of people to watch the Wendy Williams show are woman because it is a gossiping show. Because it is a daytime talk show, it mostly appeals to mature women and gay men.

This shows how large the YouTube population is as it is slowly taking over TV, and popular TV shows are now creating their own YouTube channels to keep their audiences who are turning to YouTube. These YouTube channels all make completely different content but are able to use one platform (YouTube) to show it.

Guerrilla marketing techniques;

Guerrilla Marketing is an advertising strategy that focuses on low-cost unconventional marketing tactics that yield maximum results. The original term was coined by Jay Conrad Levinson in his 1984 book ‘Guerrilla Advertising’.

Guerrilla marketing is an effective way to market a product or company, as it puts logos and pictures relating to company in places where a lot of people would be. For example having the MacDonald’s logo in the street, a street where working class people walk to get to work.At first people stop to look because they notice and interesting piece of art in a very peculiar place. They will remember it, And if they are hungry another day they will go their. You will also see Guerrilla marketing in areas such as a shops, stations etc places where a lot of people go. On YouTube, YouTube advertises popular channels or channels that are becoming successful very quickly when your searching, in order to get them more subscribers.They also include recommendations of YouTube channels which are similar to what the individual likes to look or listen to. Other social media platforms such as Instagram also advertise popular accounts, or you can see screenshots from a popular YouTube video, This is another way YouTubers can get followers.

YouTube audiences:

There are multiple different ways to reach a particular type of audience on YouTube and you can do this bye including hashtags, images and titles which may draw them in. The title you include is very important and any YouTube especially a new YouTuber needs to keep it in consideration when competing with millions of other people online. have a very broad YouTube title would help a big YouTube but for a smaller YouTuber it would mean ending up as one of the last results. If you are making a YouTube video about for example healthy eating, just writing healthy eating will not be very helpful. including trigger and bold words like must, boast and cure etc would really help you draw in an audience. When having an image you need to have something that related to what your talking about. effective thumbnails are ones that included a dramatic screenshot from your video. Clickbait images could work as well but if your audience does not see that image in the video that might turn them off. I intend to appeal to everyone, but because of the context of the topics I am talking about I am trying to appeal mostly to a mature female audience or students. In my first YouTube video I am going to appeal to my audience by using a specific type of title mostly. Millennia’s  have very low attention spans, so you always have to do something different very quickly to keep catching their attention. When I am talking about a topic I need to be very quick and snappy when I am speaking and not drag on a topic. I can have pictures appear on my video consistently so that they have something to look at while I am talking. I will Upload frequently so that my audience know they can rely on me.

Money on YouTube :

Popular/successful YouTubers can make a substantial amount of money on Youtube alone if they want to. The most successful YouTuber Pewdiepie apparently made 12 million in 2018, and has a net worth of 30 to 50 million. In order to make money on YouTube the YouTuber must have at least 1000 subscribers on YouTube, they make money by including ads on their videos and they must have at least 4000 hours of watch time on their video within 12 months. Their has been continuous controversy on YouTube involving money they only just recently included the subscriber limit to start making money, as fake YouTube channels were stealing other YouTubers videos to profit.

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