The future of branding is personal review (Ted talk)

When watching this Ted x talk I found a lot of points that she said relatable and interesting. The first point that I found interesting, is the point she made about having to be a multitasker. I find this very relatable because with the type of profession I want to do (Journalism), I know that in order to survive day to day in the beginning, I would have to do multiple different small jobs to support the dream I have. I also know that people in my generation have a different view of success. Many of us use social media to brand ourselves and have multiple talents, skills and professions. In this very competitive modern day society where everyone knows everything and everyone is doing the same thing, people have to find a unique way to be on top of one another, and that is through branding. Talaya Waller mentions thats successful businesses market their company and products online and use established people to do it. Which is mentioned often today because when you want to be apart of a very saturated profession or create your own business, sometimes success can be very circumstantial such as, a photographer being at a catwalk event and meeting someone who wants to sponsor them, or a Journalist witnessing and filming a catastrophic event which has become viral. Talaya also mentions that having a unique brand is essential and all successful brands do it because they know people/consumers, want someone to relate to or look up to and everyone wants to feel unique and special, so by branding themselves in a way that is awkward or weird you will actual draw more people in. Overall I really enjoyed this TedTalk, and  know Talaya’s main message is to encourage people to be authentic when branding, and self sufficient by striving to create their own business.

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