Universities I want to go to ;

I have created this list in order so I can write about and log down the uni’s I most likely want to go to. I can also use this list to see which uni’s look the most promising when I am writing down what each uni provides and how it would be beneficial to me. The Uni with the least amount of advantages will be the one I am less likely to go for. And the University with the most advantages will be the one I will work my hardest to get into. So far the Uni I want to go to the most is Middlesex and the least is Metropolitan.

Middlesex University ;


I have chosen to apply to Middlesex Uni, because it is ranked 1st for graduate prospects in London for Journalism, Also it has good facilities and space, Furthermore the distance is good so I wont have to travel very far for college and spend a lot of money on transport. They have a three floor library order from silent study to non silent study. So I know I will have a spacious quiet area to study in if I want to. What I like most about Middlesex University is the opportunities and extracurricular activities they provide. They have dozens of clubs and groups relating to all types of sports and activities. The extracurricular club that appeals to me the most is the Media club, they have a radio station called POW for the University, they present and talk about Music and Tv. They also have a magazine as well , this will be very useful for me as I will not only practice and improve my Journalism skills but I can also do something I really enjoy.

Metropolitan University ;

I want to apply to Metropolitan University because I know people who go their so therefore I would feel more comfortable going into a new environment, also they could help me settle into the Uni when I go there. They offer over 30 internships. It is close to where I live so I wont have to travel very far. What I do not like about the University is that there are some people that I am trying to avoid that will be there, Furthermore Metropolitan University overall does not have very good expectations.

Birkbeck University ;

I want to apple to Birkbeck University because, It is ranked 5th in London for English.It also has an over 80 over all score. meaning many students who learn their get good grades. It also says that you can get a high standard Journalism practice. Furthermore the majority of students who go their said they were happy learning their. Also the University is a good distance from my home so I wont have to travel very far, and I will save some money.

University of Roehampton ;

I want to apple to Roehampton University because, It has very good facilities and looks likes a very peaceful and happy working environment. Secondly it has an over 80 overall score which means I have a greater chance of getting the grades I want. Thirdly it is one of the top three Universities in London for Journalism. Over 90% of the students who go their are satisfied with the course overall. It is close to where I live so I wont have to travel very far. If I want to live their I could also, because they have a lot of on and off campus accommodation for students. the only disadvantage of Roehampton is that it is the furthest away from where I live if I got in I would consider finding accommodation next to the University.

University of Westminster ;



I want to go to The University of Westminster because its education quality has improved drastically recently. The distance from my home to Westminister is very good so I wont have to travel very far. The facilities although are not the best, their is not enough computers in the library.






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