Unit 11 UCAS


In this section of UCAS I entered my past and future qualifications, It was difficult when I was entering my Secondary school qualifications because, I did not remember a lot of them. So I entered the qualifications of the ones I knew and then the Titles of the others, so that I could do it when I got home. I still do not have a maths qualification I want because I failed maths. This will set me back when trying to get into a university.


I currently do not or have never been in employment other than work experience.

Personal statement

This section of the UCAS application was the most difficult for me because I took me a while to write down a personal statement that I was happy with. I got some assistance from my teacher and mother, I would write my personal statement down and they would check the grammar and how it was laid out, because their was a specific order that you needed to write your personal statement in. Also I had a lot of difficulty creating a personal statement that stayed within the word count. When I wrote my earlier copies/versions of my personal statement, I kept writing hundreds of words more then I needed to. I write very elaborately, so sometimes even though I still can, I find it difficult to write short sentences. I kept having to remove more and more words from my personal statement, which I did not like because I had a lot to say about myself.

After I finished with my personal statement and it was approved by my teacher, I received an email which gave me a number to use in order to track my University progress …

Student finance



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