1st YouTube Banner attempt

This is how I created my YouTube banner, The first software I used was Photoshop. The first thing I started doing was trying to make a plain page, This was very difficult. My intention was to create something very crazy first so that when i do my 2nd attempt I can use bits of this one to create something better.


saBecause I could not find a way to do it, I copied a plain white page onto the page( I did not have to do this).dfI wanted my overall design to be very pink all around because I am very girly and I want a design that matches my personality.hI secondly started by playing with the designs like creating shapes and changing the colours, and placing them in different places to see where it looked best, This will help me when I am going onto my second attempt. I tried creating affects where I placed multiple stars on top of one another to see how that would look.banner 1banner 3I decided to use Illustrator instead of Photoshop because it has a lot more features, I went away from my first design that was covering the whole page. I decided to create a square shape and curve the edges I did this by using the shape tool and then I used the pointer tool, to drag the edges inwards. I watched a video and got my inspiration from the design. I changed the outline pink and made it thick to stay authentic. I used the same outline effect when writing my name and changed the inside white to make it bolder.banner 4I played more with the pointer tool, I created a rectangular shape and used the pointed tool to drag it inwards.banner 5I created multiple of them.banner 9banner 6banner 7banner 8The first design I did was by placing one of them on either side, I kept them pink at first but then I used the same effect I did with the name and made the inside black. I felt that  it looked a little clownish at first so I placed both on the sides. I used the original design and started putting colours in. I wanted to stay consistent so continued to use the colour pink in different shades.I made the inside of the banner the lightest to draw more attention to the name.banner 10banner 11banner 12banner 13banner 15banner 18I decided to place the same design all over my banner. I was happy with the end result although it did look a bit to extreme. I noticed that other social media banners include their other social media accounts on the bottom of their banners, either a logo or name. I used my yahoo and word press accounts and it made my banner look more professional.

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