2nd YouTube banner attempt

This is my 2nd attempt at a YouTube banner, My intentions are to create something a lot more simplistic that is fit for purpose, and can get my message across.


When I create my 2nd banner I am going to use these banner designs as inspiration for my own.

maxresdefault (3)I started by create a simple rectangle shape and filling with with a very light pink. I started off without an outline because I wanted to see what my design would look like without it.yoiutube 1I then wrote the name of my YouTube channel in the centre like I did before but instead it is white instead of pink or black. I decided to use white because I felt like it complimented the light pink background nicely. But I was worried that It might not be noticeable from a distance.youtube 2ytban23Most of my feedback said that I should make it more simplistic but fit to purpose, I thought It would be a good idea to have a picture of something that interests me in the background of my banner but with a low opacity.youtube 4I decided to use this picture of the Wodaabe tribe, because I have a similar picture on my WordPress website as my profile. I wanted to changed the picture to make it look more intriguing, so I used the effects on Word. I was going to use Photoshop first, but the process would be a lot longer there. I used the Artistic effects on the software and picked paint brush. I liked that it made the picture blurry and it looked like a painting.youtube 3I was not sure how to insert my picture onto my page at first,  because there was not an import column on illustrator. I opened up a new page with the picture on it and had to drag it onto the other tab in order to get it on the other page.Youtube 5I was not sure whether to try to use the same design, because I lacked the skills to execute it. I decided to just keep the same plain pink background. I did not want it to be to simple so I used the shape effect to create these swirly patterns.Youtube 6I placed these swirly patterns in different places on my banner to see where it looked the nicest. I was not completely satisfied with any of them because it did not look very professional and like I intended it to look like. I saw a Web banner that had these rigid line designs that I liked on the side of its banner, so I decided to try it on my banner also. I thought that it might make it look more professional. Also instead of writing my social media contact details I just put a little logo. Most You Tubers have a logo and include their contact details on their videos/channels info.ghjmhjyoutube 7I was not entirely satisfied with my end result however I think that I followed the critiques and make a banner that looks a lot more simple and professional. When I do my 3rd attempt there will not be many changes that need to be made.




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