3rd YouTube banner attempt

banner 32I wanted to go for a much more simpler design, I decided to go for some line designs.I created multiple lines and placed them in different positions to create a grid design.banner 33After I felt like my Logo started to look very ridiculous so I removed all the lines but two, kept the same style but only had one line on each end. I also included the word press Logo I noticed that many Banner have social links so I did that as well because it looks professional.banner 34

banner 36I wanted to include other social links. Being that this is a YouTube Banner and their is no other representation of that I wanted to create a YouTube Logo on my Banner. My first idea was to use an image of the logo on google images, but the illustrator format does not have an export link so I have to create one myself. By then I also started playing with the position of my YouTube channels name. I did not know whether or not I wanted to place it directly in between the lines on above the side of it.banner 37banner 38I first started by creating the outline of the YouTube logo which is a curved rectangle, Unfortunately Illustrator does not have a rectangle shape only a square. So I used the square shape morphed it and dragged it in. The most difficult part of the process was creating the triangle shape illustrator did not have a triangle shape. I had to use the pen tool an create lines and joint them together. This took a long time because sometimes the lines would not join and other times the shape of the triangle was no asymmetrical.banner 39banner 310banner 311I played around with the position of the social links.banner 312I changed the colour of my lines to white because I thought that it looked more professional, I also started to create other shapes like circles, because I felt like my YouTube banner looked too simple. I was able to create an interesting design placing each circles on top of one another.banner 313

bann 4


I used the radical blur and stylive(Glowing effect) to create this interesting design


I started playing with different fonts on the app de font, I decided later not to most of them were too animated and made my logo look too dramatic.

I started trying different types of colours and designs, I tried the blue logo and the overall logo looked nice but I did not like the colour blue. The second colour I tried is a green design, I decided not to use it because the white font and the design clash one another furthermore the image is to over dramatic. Another colour I tried was black Although I did not like the shadow effect at the end of the logo and did not think It would look very nice on my YouTube channel. I liked the last effect the best because it look very unique. It was very difficult to create it because the software kept shutting down. I do not know why.


This is how the original design I choose looked without the social media logos. I was able to create this design by using the glowing edges effect and altering the opacity of it.


Artboard 1BE

I changed my logo again and made it closer to my original idea, this was because their was a problem with the effect I was trying to use.

Artboard 17pngIm still not completely satisfied with my end result although I did the best I could, I definitely think this logo will catch anyone who comes across my channels attention.

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