Essay sensitivity movement and political correctness

It seems everyone has a strange fascination with victim hood, finding a way to feel dissatisfaction and complaining about it. Before people were praised and followed for presenting a seemingly perfect way of living, allowing people to have something to look up to and want to be. But due to the increasing popularity of various rights groups such as Feminists, LGBT and black rights movement, many now seem to always want to find away to attack and blame someone, whether it is a religion or group of people for their inability to succeed in life. My intent is to find out why in the 21st century people are becoming more sensitive. for a ( millennial) since childhood we are constantly praised and looked up to for being seemingly relatable. whether we are dealing with a mental illness, a female going against beauty standards or even a gay man dressing in drag. The public loves watching unique people carry out their lives and going against in their opinion the norm within society. I have noticed in particular how the new political correctness movement has changed the meaning of entertainment specifically comedy, now slowly and slowly jokes that used be to acceptable aren’t whether it is using stereotypes or talking about a taboo topic.Allowing one group to use a certain joke but attacking another for doing the same thing. It seems more and more certain that certain groups of people would rather have privileges than equal rights. Even on television, shows trying to be over inclusive to the point of ridiculousness. Making remakes and replacing originally white characters with black or mixed race ones, or including minorities in historical European shows. As much as I agree with inclusively I also believe that certain groups need their on spaces and people should be accurate. Comedian Dapper Laughs was just on the brink of fame and was about to have his own Tv show on ITV, however after a show were he was seen making vulgar comments such as,  “I filmed six episodes, half an hour each, if it was a guide to rape, it would have done one five-minute episode, come on and go ‘Oi Oi, I’m Dapper Laughs, go down the shops, get some rope, bit of duct tape, rape the bitch, well done, see you later.’”. It was also reported that while he made a joke a member of the audience replied yes they do, referring to yes women should be raped. Although I personally do not agree with comedians making rape jokes I do not think that people should lose their careers for it unless they legitimately believe it is okay or have committed the act themselves. This is an extreme example, but it proves how people are being attacked for mentioning or talking about certain topics, and are overall beginning to lose their freedom of speech. Another example of this is in the work place as more and more people are beginning to be fired from their work place for expressing certain opinions or beliefs.I believe incidences like these are one of the reasons why Donald Trump was elected president, as many people feel as if their freedom of speech and thought is being attacked. He is purposely very boisterous and sometimes says ridiculous statements, and many people appreciate this and view him as more trustworthy and reliable.Recently I have been attending a group in my college and I noticed first hand, how a simple remark can be taken way out of context. Example many complained how some people would ask them about their sex lives or etc and referred to them doing that as homophobic, many people not just same sex couples get asked questions about their sex lives. Attacking people and calling every Minuscule comment homophobic is very problematic, as it can cause social barriers between Different groups, as many people will be very conscious about what they say to one another in fear that it will be taken out of context. around 2016 when mental illness started to be a very talked about subject, all around the world one bye one celebrities would start to open up about their battles with mental illnesses. Today celebrities such as Ryan Reynolds, Lena Dunham and Demi Lovato etc. speak often and openly about their struggles with mental illnesses and how they hope people would start to feel more comfortable talking about it Activists such as Lena Dunham, Whitney Way Thor, Natalie Hage and etc Have made a following entirely from being a feminists and looking a certain way.

Piers Morgan made a comment stating that he believes many celebrities fake having a mental illness for publicity. Which although is not entirely true has some accuracy to it. Stats show that more and more people are dealing with mental illness which is ironic as, as the standard of living improves you would only expect that so does peoples happiness. But due to the type of fast sometimes chaotic modern lifestyle the exact opposite happens. Many celebrities when given the opportunity always try to talk about a political topic to improve their image. In 2017 to 2018 this was evident with the Feminists agenda when dozens of celebrities(female) were coming out in support of Female rights or talking about their experiences with sexual assault or rape.I think the main reason why people have a fascination with being politically correct or etc is because of the reactions they can get from doing so. When an individual or celebrity opens up about their struggles they are embraced and seen as brave, courageous and a great activists. Many celebrities who have lost a lot of followers or attention, can almost regain it when they start being politically correct. So society has created this situation where people feel like they have to go to extremes in order to get attention. One example of this is with Trisha Paytas, Trisha Paytas is a female YouTuber who very regularly and casually broadcasts her mental breakdowns on the internet. Her most popular videos consist of her on the bathroom floor crying at something very minuscule situations. If you look at her YouTube video comments many people will often refer to her as relatable or someone to look up to because she’s able to very openly show the both sides of her life whether that is negative or positive. Another example of this is relatable culture other YouTubers such as Emma Chamberlain have made a following from just complaining about their life.

In 2017 the popular YouTube celebrity Logan Paul shocked the world when he took a video of a suicide victim in japan’s infamous (Aokigahara) suicide forest. What caused even more outrage was his reaction to the dead body, he was seen in the video making inappropriate comments and laughing around the dead body with his friends. Due to the fact that the majority of his audience is very young children many parents complained, and he was reported all over the news for his indecent behaviour. This incident really made people more aware about mental illness and how it can affect people. As a result of his actions after a break from social media, Logan Paul donated a million pounds to a mental health charity. Other You Tubers made responses to it saying that they have dealt was a mental illness, or have close friends who have been affected by it. This is an incident were I would agree that someone should be punished for their behaviour.

Due to the increasing awareness of the political correctness movement, their have been dozens of individuals who have become famous solely for their bravery, when saying outrageous comments and jokes. One of them is Milo Yiannopoulos, he is a writer, political commentator and as he likes to call it a pro troll. I think people’s fascination with Milo is because he is a gay man expressing very conservative views, which before people were only used to heterosexual white males saying. People were shocked that a gay man would be saying the things he was saying. Although Milo is a gay, jewish man married to a black man her regularly gets called a Nazi and racist by leftists, and when he tries to organise and have talks at college campuses some of them get called of and they always get disrupted by protestors. This happens to all other conservative political activists, and its important because it shows how unreasonable people on the left are because they want to filter and shut down people who have different views or opinions from them.


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