Idea 5 ; R Kelly documentary review

I recently watched the R kelly documentary with my mother and although I found it very entertaining and inquiring, I also felt their are decisions the individuals could have made which could have prevented them from becoming one of his victims. The documentary solely consists of interviews of the victims and them recounting and telling their experiences with R kelly. The documentary did show a couple of scenes of R kelly with the victim however it did not show any solid evidence of some of the victims claims other than the video with the 14 year old girl which is un defendable, because although he was not convicted of that crime it was very obvious that the girl in the video was a child. Because of this the audience has to rely solely on the victims story so the victim has to be as honest and detailed as possible to convince us that they are being truthful. While watching the documentary me and my mother had a lot of discussions through out about the actions of the parents and victims which led up the the abuse. The Documentary first addresses the oldest incident involving the 14 year old girl, unfortunately neither her or her parents were apart of the series but her cousin Sparkle was able to speak for her as she was the one who initially introduced her family to R kelly. She mentioned that when the victim started having ‘lessons’ with R kelly she felt very suspicious and often kept an eye on R kelly and the young girl. This made me question the sincerity of her story as if she felt uneasy when her cousin was with R kelly why did she let her continue to have lesson’s with him furthermore, why did she feel this way what did she hear or see R kelly do in the past to make her suspicious of him. And the fact that she and her parents allowed the child to consistently see him despite their worries shows that they were not looking after the child’s safety and best interests. There are many theories as to why the victims parents may have decided not to press charges, one of the theories was money. One of the theory’s is that the parents denied the victim was their daughter because the did not want her life in the future to be affected by the the situation. Another theory was that people thought that R kelly paid the family a large sum of money to be quiet, Sparkle also said that after the court case was settled the victim brother was a guitarist in one of R kelly’s songs, furthermore and apparently he still came to the victim’s family’s house for dinners. If that was the case then that would have been a stupid decision to make because if they had still tried to prosecute R kelly they would have received money no matter what for the pain caused to the victim and her family, furthermore other girls and women after may not have also became victims. Many people do argue that situations like this is a big problem in the black community, although I agree that black women are objectified a lot in the black community. I believe this incident is solely a money and power problem, situations like this also happen a lot in the white communities with Harvey Weinstein, the greater issue is wealthy men using their power as a way to carry out their cruel (fantasy) acts.

The second suspicious part of the documentary was was when … parents did not intervene to get their child back after he abducted their daughter and left the other stranded around MacDonald’s. They said themselves that they negotiated with R kelly over the phone about how they were going to communicate and see “THEIR DAUGHTER”. If this happened to any other normal parent Im pretty sure their first reaction would be to contact the police or attack R kelly. It was very obvious that the parents may have had some negotiations with one another and R kelly bribed them with money for more contact with their daughter, and for them to also keep their silence. I appreciate their honesty and would guarantee that the parents hold a tremendous amount of guilt for their actions. I can only imagine how the daughters feel knowing that their parents almost sold them off for the chance of fame. Because all the women are now an appropriate age and contest that they are not being kept against their will, many people wonder how R kelly is able to keep these women especially after hearing about how he has treated them. Recently new gossip came out saying that apparently R kelly used voodoo and the women’s urine to keep them with him. This was further proved when a book written by one of R kelly’s victims ‘sex me’ wrote in explicit detail the acts committed by R kelly, and how he has a cult like system in his home. There was a lot of similar themes between all the women such as the use of the word “daddy” and the the dominant ‘asking when to eat and pee’ system. Many of the women mentioned that they would have to ask R kelly for permission whenever they would want to eat food or use your bathroom, and that R kelly somehow had a weird fascination with urine as he would involve it in a lot of acts especially the act where he made the suspected minor pee on him. The book mentioned that R kelly would often ask her to pee and would leave with it, allegedly an older Jamaican woman was at the house and she would do seances with it, she only figured it out when she accidentally walked into the room were R kelly and the woman was with candles lit doing a spell. When researching I found that some cultures have a practise called Hoodoo, were urine is used cast a love spell on a woman by putting it in their coffee, it can also be used to tie one person to another. This could explain the fascination that many of the women had and continue to have with R kelly. Another thing I noticed in the documentary that was odd was the language used and the way the women felt towards one another, they all mentioned that they did not have much contact with one another even though many of them lived in the house at the same time. Many of them talked negatively about one another or made sly comments, mentioning how they were better then another victim for escaping from R kelly. It was understandable that many people were outraged by the behaviour of both the victims and the parents, but this still should not take away from the fact that R kelly is the sole person to blame. Although he has not been arrested he has been unable to work and people in swarms are boycotting R kelly’s shows and albums but its a slow process.

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If I used this topic for my final major project, I would create a documentary were I give a very extensive review on the cases placed amongst R kelly and how the law is handling  him.

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