Strength and weaknesses

Over all I’m a very well rounded person and have a lot more strengths then weaknesses. Its very important to know your strengths and weaknesses and self assess yourself in order so you can develop your skills and life.

I would say my greatest strength is my organisation and planning. I know this is a strenght of mine due to my lifestyle, I regularly like to make plans for my self for example every morning while I am traveling to school I create a plan for the work I am going to do for the day and also what I am going to do when I get home for example eat dinner, exercise or revision. This is very helpful for me because it allows me to write down the work I have to do in order so that I dont forget and it helps me prioritise what needs to be done and what I should leave for a later date. This is my most important strength because having a daily plan means that I can keep myself productive as I know what I am doing therefore stopping me from beome lazy or procrastinating throughout the day, unlike other students who may not plan their day out, as soon as I get to school I can immediately just do the work I planned to do rather then looking around and wasting time thinking about it.

Another strength of mine is

Another strength of mine is researching, I have been searching from a very young age age and have developed an efficent way of writing down my notes

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