Interview + Evaluation…

The intent of the mock interview was to practise and prepare for the real interview, this was very useful because I was able to get a gist of the type of questions that I may be asked on the University interview. I did my interview two times the full first video did not record, so I had to record it a second time again.

Interview video ;


Evaluation ; 

The teacher said that my overall performance was very good and I would most likely get into the University, however there were still some mistakes that I did that could change how the interviewee sees me especially since I want to be a journalist. The question that I was most uncertain about answering was the “Tell me about yourself” question, I had read beforehand that they always asked this question no matter what situation and that many people found it difficult to answer. When answering this question I mentioned very briefly my childhood and some of the struggles I have faced (Cultural shock). When carrying out my mock interview I noticed personally that I repeated a lot of what I said, that is because in the moment I could not recall other skills and attributed to say, other than Communication, research, organisation and team work. I mentioned communication and research the most because I know that, that’s what I am best at. My teacher mentioned to me that I should research a couple of skills and mention them one by one, furthermore skills like communication can be easily perceived by the interviewee by the way I present myself, It is similar to saying for example I have short hair. Another problem I faced when doing the interview was the ‘surprise’ interview question, in the interview I was asked what my opinion was about Theresa May. I did not answer the question on my first interview because it took me by surprise. My teacher told me that when I am answering question similar to this that I should not be one sided, and should try to be as politically correct as possible as I do not know what the Interviewees personal opinions are. A perfect answer would be that ‘ I neither like or dislike Theresa May however I do think more needs to be done with Brexit’. If I say something to controversial or different to their opinions they may not want me to be apart of the University. These questions are used to find out the students skills, morals and how they would react to certain situations. Whatever Interview you are doing whether it is for a job role or school you should always make sure to research facts about the school or work place. Knowing facts such as who created the University or when it was created will really impress the University. Another problem I made was that I need to make sure to obtain strict eye contact with the interviewer. In my second interview my teacher mentioned that I looked at the questions sheet a lot, which is surprising because I did not do this at all in my first interview. Looking at the question sheet is very unprofessional because it shows a sign of nervousness, I do not want to come across as nervous especially when I said that one of the qualities was confidence. Overall I would be more confident doing an interview then writing, I feel like I can best present myself when I am having a conversation with another person face to face. Because written down I do not have the experience and achievements I want to have. This practice interview was very useful for me and gave me a gist of the type of atmosphere I might have during the interview with the other person. I am going to remember these skills when answering questions and use it not only for interviews but for some of my writing as well.

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