Beauty – YouTube channel video 1 (First attempt)

This video was a collab video where another YouTuber and I talked about Beauty standards and how they have been affected by Feminism and other agendas.This is only a very small part of the video, as the complete video did not load when it was sent to me. This was because the video was very long and required a lot of storage space. I also tried to send the video to myself via gmail but that did not work because it could not send the full video. In order to avoid this again when filming our other attempts and videos, Elisa is going to upload the video immediately onto YouTube so that none of it gets cropped out.

When in the process of creating this video their was some challenges, the main challenge was finding a setting and time to create the video. Because this was a collab video we had to find a time which would best suit both of our schedules. We decided a good time would be after college, when the college was quiet. The setting of our video was vey important because we where doing a discussion video and needed to have a quiet and  comfortable environment in order to talk to one another and the audience. Having a loud environment would be inappropriate because the audience might not be able to hear us talk. Furthermore we did not want to be standing up because, we want to make a long video. This particular video was very short because it had to be cut for storage furthermore while we were recording on the phone it ran out of battery. To avoid this problem again we are going to make sure we bring a charger to the college and charge it for at least 30 minutes before we use it. We decided it would be best to shoot in the college drama/filming room as it had a couch and a plain background which was very appropriate to film a discussion.

While filming before and after, their we a lot of things I noticed which were inappropriate, such as our language. Because of the type of topic we are talking about and its sensitivity to most people we had to be very cautious that what we say in the next video wont be too hurtful. Also although this is an opinion discussion, its still school work and we have to make sure we do not include any swearing. Furthermore too much swearing can get our video demonetised by YouTube or turn many people off from watching it. Another problem was awkwardness, while filming their were many times after talking about a topic where either me or Elisa would have around a couple of seconds of silence, because we did not know immediately what to talk about. In order to avoid this when we film again we will write notes on a small piece of paper and lay it in between us, so that we know what topic to talk about next. I want to make sure that both of us sound as professional as possible I want both of our voices to be loud and clear, however I want their to be some humour while we are talking as well to make the video more chilled out. If the video is too professional many people might now want to watch it, and We want to appeal to all people. We used Elisa’s phone to film, and that created some problems like position, thankfully the couch was very low, and we used Elisa’s Phone case almost like a stand to keep the phone up.

Overall I liked the quality of the video however we were unable to address all the topic we wanted to because of time, and sometimes used inappropriate language.

Feedback :

Teacher ; My teacher said that the setting of my video was not appropriate for the type of topic we were talking about

Teacher ; My teacher said that The video should be a lot longer than 6 minutes, but overall a good discussion

Student ; She really liked our discussion video and said that we sounded very professional however, we should have talked for much longer or went more in depth with the conversation.

Student ; She liked the topic that we were discussion and thinks that it is interesting. We should engage more with the audience by looking at the camera more often.

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