School tips – YouTube channel video 2 (First attempt)

In this video I talk about my experience in school (Secondary school + College) and give tips on how I survived school and dealt with difficult situations. I intend to have a video that is between 10 to 15 minutes. I also wont be editing this video because its a first attempt, I am more worried about the execution of my video itself then the editing. Also I wont be doing much editing other then adding images and fading in and out effects.



When in the process of creating this video their were some challenges, the main challenges I faced was technical difficulties and time. I was going to record my YouTube video on my phone however that phone stopped working, in order to be able to record a video I had to keep my phone constantly charged and the position I would be in would be very uncomfortable. Because this was going to be a long video I did not want to spend a long time in an awkward position. I then decided to postpone that video until I got my new phone, unfortunately the new phone I got had a sim card problem after about 2 weeks I was finally able to make a video. Because I was just creating an audio video the setting did not matter that much, although I wanted to make sure I was at-least somewhere that is quiet and comfortable, so I concluded that my room would be the most appropriate place. The filming process itself was slightly difficult, because I am using an audio and the audience relies almost solely on hearing I have to make sure that I speak very professionally , loudly and clearly so that they can hear and understand everything I say. This was very stressful for me and therefore led to me restarting the video a lot, I do not like editing especially audios, because I tend to speak quite quickly and I know it would be difficult to cut out some pieces of my speech without altering others. To solve this and make recording easier, I created a more elaborate plan with not only key headings but topics (bullet points) underneath. Another problem I faced was outside disturbances, Unfortunately the day I decided to record their was a lot of construction work in my area. This was very distracting for me, so therefor will be very distracting for my audience. I hope when I record my next attempt that will not be happening. If it does I will either record later in the day or another day. It is very important to me that my video is as clear as possible.






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