School tips – YouTube channel video 2 (Second attempt)

In this video I talk about my experience in school (Secondary school + College) and give tips on how I survived school and dealt with difficult situations. I intend to have a video that is between 10 to 15 minutes.

In my second recording I was able to avoid a lot of the challenges I had to begin with, my recording went a lot more smoothly furthermore, I was able to get across all my points as smoothly as possible. When I first started recording there was a bit of awkwardness when trying to my video. After that it went very good. The bit of the video that I found most difficult to record was the overview of my bullying video section, This is because the story itself is a very big story and I have to figure out the words to use myself while recording, to avoid this next time I will write a more elaborate overview maybe word to word to make the process of saying my bullying story a lot easier.



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