words to describe myself ; 

  • Confident
  • Motivated/Focused
  • Strategic
  • Conscientious
  • Friendly/Considerate
  • Mature/Responsible
  • Organised


The main purpose of a personal brand is using your uniqueness and skills to sell yourself and attract the type of work that you want. What makes me stand out from most people is my personality and demeanour, I am able to effectively present my myself and my opinions and can also act very professionally while doing so. When it comes to branding and marketing especially in the 21st century you are most likely to attract an audience or employer with a brand then without it, as people usually appreciate and prefer people with an individuality that is similar to there own. This is essential in the beginning of business because you need to have a loyal audience which can create that foundation for you.

Because I want to be a Journalist and I am very outspoken my brand is going to be very crucial to the type of work I get in the future, for example if I express very controversial or extreme opinions certain types of businesses will not want to hire me because I wont fit the image that they want, for me personally I would not be comfortable working with a company/business which did not have like minded people or were I had to filter how I felt about certain subjects/topics because I would not be happy and my happiness within a workplace is very important to me. As a black female with natural hair in Journalism if I wanted to make it within broadcasting, my physical appearance is very important. In British television, the man people show have a very typical image which I do not fit which worries me a bit, My voice is a very big part of my image, and I hope that people could look past my appearance and just listen to what I say.

The parts of my Website that are more relevant to my brand is my Cover image Text and YouTube video scene. My cover image is very relevant because the fact that I included a picture of the Woodabe tribe shows that I am cultured, and know about different cultures and lifestyles. In conclusion proving that I do a lot of research. My YouTube scene is very relevant to my brand because it shows a glimpse of me having a discussion with another person, Furthermore they hear and see how I present myself in the scene and the employer may view me as professional.

The main thing I would do differently is include more work relevant to what I want to do and my best skills, most of my website contained videos and images of my editing work. which is not my best skill. If an employer was looking at my website, with the intent of hiring a Journalist I do not think they would hire me because of the work I have presented. If I could I would have recorded more videos of me having discussions and doing interviews to broadcast my communication skills more.




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