Beauty – YouTube channel video 1 (Second attempt)


This was a collab video between me and Elisa, we talked about beauty standards and how agendas such as Feminism had affected it. On our second attempt we were able to create a longer video (over 50 minutes) and cover almost all the topics we intended to. Unlike the first attempt the video was uploaded immediately onto YouTube which meant it didn’t get cropped, but because it was so long it took a very long time to upload.



But although this was our second attempt we still faced a lot of challenges when creating it. Because of the duration of this video their were a couple of time were we had some awkwardness. Having notes helped however I want another more effective was to avoid this again. Maybe when one of us are talking if we talk more precisely and take our time, this allows the other individual to think about how they are going to respond and what they are going to say. I think that because this is our second attempt and we have a gist of what the other is going to say now we will respond more efficiently. The second problem we faced was talking mistakes, sometimes either me or Elisa when we would make a mistake would swear or be noticeable frustrated instead of just continuing our sentence or starting again. This is very important to me because I want to reduce the amount of editing I have to do as much as possible. Having a lot of cut out scenes can make the video look frequently strange, because its moving from one scene to another very quickly and that can be confusing to some people, especially if one person responds after the other very quickly. The third problem was posture I did not have a consistent posture throughout the video, sometimes my legs would be crossed and my arms would be on them, or I would be slanted on a side, or sluggish. I want to make sure that throughout the video I am sitting professional, and I am not moving around a lot. Another thing is my hand movements I moved my hand a lot and very exaggeratedly which when I looked back made the video very odd, I will make sure in the next video that I am more cautious of that and do not move my hand as often.

Feedback :

Teacher ; You both should be just as engaged in the conversation as one another

Teacher ;

Student ; The discussion was very entertaining to watch but you should have made the setting a lot more interesting and organised.

Student ;

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