Beauty – YouTube channel video 1 (Final attempt)

This is a collab video between me and Elisa. In this video we talk about beauty standards the beauty industry, and how agendas such as Feminism has affected them. This is our third and last attempt at creating this YouTube video.



My intent was to create a very calm discussion video between two people, In the final take, by then both me and Elisa were very well aware of the types of topics we are going to discuss and the types of things that we would say. We set out the environment positioned ourselves in a professional way and begun. However we approached this recording different, instead of recording and starting again if we made a mistake, we would just make a full recording an edit the mistakes out instead. after every mistake we would take a couple of seconds to collect ourselves and just start the sentence over. I made sure to be cautious of my language for example refraining from rude words or using offensive language. I still expressed some stuff that some people would not like though but I was more cautious in this video then I was in the others. Overall I was pleased with the final recording however I was unlike the other videos unhappy with the length we were able to make one over 30 minute recording and another over 11 minute recording. I hope when the mistakes are edited that we have a substancial amount of footage, at least over 30 minutes because that is the goal I made. there has been some difficulty with trying to get the video to upload to YouTube.

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