My YouTube channel video 2 research : unit 10 colorism

The beginning of colorism;

The idea of colorism began as early as slavery, where slaves where segregated to different tasks depending on whether or not they were light or dark skinned. For example lighter skinned slaves would do work within the household like cleaning and caring for the children as they were seen as more trustworthy. Where as dark skinned slaves would do a lot more of the hard labour outside. After slavery was abolished, due to this continuous idea that lighter skinned people were better it then had other affects such as in love and work, as lighter skinned people are seen as more desirable and employable. Many different settings had the paper bag test which would decide whether or not an individual would be allowed entrance into a club, restaurant etc. Many black or lighter skinned people knew the difficulties caused when being a dark skinned black person and tried best to avoid them and this navigated the partner they would choose. Many black people would try to marry white or lighter skinned people so that their offspring would have the more desirable genes of lighter skin, eyes and curly hair.Many racially ambiguous people who had predominately white genes in their DNA would disguise Themselves as white people to have an easier life. The main stem from colorism is white supremacy, the idea that whats closer to European beauty standards is better.

How colorism affects black men;

Colorism causes a lot of self hate in black men, which then affects how they see themselves and the decision they make in life such as who to marry and reproduce with.

How black men perpetuate colorism;

Many wealthy black men are in Interracial relationships with Lighter skin women or foreign women, although most of their fan bases are black people/women they often insult them, There are videos and channels made by Black men for the specific purpose of bashing and complaining about Black women.This creates low self esteem in Black women because they will think that they are undesirable and may target those negative feelings towards Lighter skin woman. Secondly there is an evident lack of Black father figures, It is essential for both boys and girls to have a good father figure when growing up, the affects of this for girls is that they do not understand how a healthy relationship between a man and women should be like and it also leads to them having very low self esteem.

Affects on black women; 

Black women are already the least desirable women, this causes a lot of self confidence and esteem problems. Many white women are aware of the immediate advantage they have when looking for a partner and this makes dating and looking for marriage very hard for black women. A lot of black women have lowered their standards tremendously just to look for a husband which leads to single mother hood and poverty. The ideal standard of beauty is White blonde hair blue eyes and skinny, This standard is advertised the most because it is what is most wanted. Many black women do not see a lot of beautiful dark skinned Black women being promoted and when they do its usually and lighter skinned woman. Although things are beginning to change it was obvious that many media brands used lighter skinned women to promote as a cop out.

 how black women perpetuate colorism;

Although many Black women are aware and unhappy about colorism there are ways that they still perpetuate it. Many Black women follow and admire lighter skinned women for the beauty, they follow them on Instagram they pay for their music and they are in awe at them. Lighter skinned women become aware of this and use it to their advantage. There are many incidences where light skinned influencers would make rude colorist comments about black women for example Cardi b calling them roaches or make rash stereotypical comments etc, yet Black women continue to support them and justify the things they do that are wrong. This perpetuates colorism because Black women give lighter skinned women the platform to treat them as if they are lower then them. Secondly many black women are in Interracial relationships and create the Mixed race woman that they always complain about.

The white Jesus; 

Religion is something that is not talked about often when it comes to colorism, but I think it is very important. For many black people living in Europe and even in Africa they are Christian and the image of God and Jesus they see is white. When the idea of christianity was first introduced to Africans (Black people) they were given only two options Religion or death. Which is ironic when Christianity is supposed to be a religion of peace and love. When black people especially young black children are almost forced to go to church and pray to someone who they think is white they and they are already told negative things about themselves the idea of self hate just intensifies.

Black fishing definition ; 

a term being used to describe someone who is pretending to be black. Black fishing by white girls using make-up products specifically made for black girls is all over Instagram

Emma Hellberg (Insta) black mixed people

I saw on her Instagram account many people praising her or justifying her actions. Over all being in denial. Black women still support her.


Woahvicky identifies as black however she does not go through the physical changes to make herself appear black. She used this persona as a way to become famous, once she got the fame she now identifies as white.

Celebrities who have made Colorist comments ; 

Cardi b ; “Fix that dusty ass weave and grow your edges then talk to me ugly looking like a fucking roach”

Nicki Minaj ; “It’s all ‘I bullied Lil’ Kim because I thought I was the cute light skinned girl, called her a monkey and stole all her ideas.

Hazel E ;


Lil Kim ;

Tristan Thompson ; said he would never want to marry a woman darker than his own butterscotch colouring.

Colorism in the Music industry ;

Colorism is very prevalent in the music industry however it is very rarely talked about. There is a very evident theme when it comes to female singers especially in the rapping community and that is, that they are all light skin (mixed race). The black women who are in the rap industry are very over sexualised and “ghetto” , Loud, uneducated and rude. But this is the type of character that most people have in the music industry for both males and females. Many rapper include song lyrics that praise light skin women calling them “red bones”, red bones meaning… this is a terminology that is used to describe a black person who is of a lighter complexion.

Colorism on social media + TV ;


Overview ; 


Feedback ;

Teacher ;

Peer ;

Teacher ;

Peer ;





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