School tips ; Final production…

I am going to be making an audio therefore I do not need to be cautious of my filming area. I am going to replace the dark background with images which relates to the subject.

First image…


I decided to use this image because it best presents how a real or typical bullying scenario would look. For example a very common type of bullying is isolation, when a group of people singles out another person this happens a lot and can affect the victim very deeply. When I was bullied this was one of the ways my bullies would bully me.

Second image…


I decided to use this image to show the various types of bullying methods, and that bullying not only happens to children in a education environment but can happen to adults in a working environment as well. There are two methods that are shown for example one is harassment and another is a phrase commonly used, to down play how the victim is felling when they are bullied.

Third image…



I decided to use this image in order to show the many types of bullying with a cross over it, This image will be used when I am giving tips on how to survive in order to infer to the audience that bullying is not okay in any scenario.


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