Idea 1 ; Feminism

I asked 10 people these questions, the people I have interviewed are anonymous in order to protect their identity, and not make factors like the individuals gender the main focus rather then their answer.


Would you consider yourself a Feminist ? ;

p1 ; No

p2 ; yes

p3 ; No

P4 ; No

p5 ; Yes

p6 ; No

p7 ; No

p7 ; No

p8 ; No

p9 ; Yes

p10 ; No


Do you believe in gender equality ? ;

p1 ; Yes

p2 ; Yes

p3 ; Yes

p4 ; Yes

p5 ; Yes

p6 ; Yes

p7 ; Yes

p8 ; Yes

p9 ; Yes

p10 ; Yes


Do you think that there are still problems that women face within society and what are they ? ;

p1 ; Yes, such as equal pay.

p2 ; Yes, the wage gap and abortion rights, because their are some people who want to take it away.

p3 ; Yes but not in Western society problems like domestic violent and forced marriages.

p4 ; Yes the gender wage gap and abortion rights

p5 ; Yes they do not have equal pay

p6 ; Not in Western society, but in other society’s women have problems such as underage marriage, rape and domestic abuse etc.

p7 ; Women need more positive female role models in careers like science and politics.

p8 ; Yes some women do not get paid equally to men even though they do very same work.

p9 ; Women need more equal pay and positive representation

p10 ; In some countries women can be killed or beaten for not obeying their husband also the gender wage gap is an issue also for most women, although they do not personally agree with it.


Do you think that women in today’s generation are happier then the generations before them ? ;

p1 ; Yes because women have more freedom.

p2 ; Yes we have more rights and can do a lot more.

p3 ; Yes, women have more rights then they did before they can vote and do not have to follow their lives based on their parents or husbands standards.

p4 ; Yes we have more rights

p5 ; Yes, we have a lot more equal rights to men then before

p6 ; Yes we have equal rights in most countries.

p7 ;  A lot more women have self esteem problems etc but in terms of rights women have a lot more freedom and rights then before.

p8 ; Woman have the same rights as men they can go to school and develop careers if they want to.

p9 ; Yes overall they have more rights then they did before, but more can still be done.

p10 ; Women have more rights and can live their lives how they want.


What can be done to improve society for women today ? ;

p1 ; The government can implement policies to make women happier and decrease the wage gap.

p2 ; Make sure women get paid more equally to men and that we have more rights.

p3 ; We should implement more laws that make sure woman have to consent and be at a certain age before certain things happen.

p4 ; We should make sure women make the same amount of money as men and also give them the right to decide what they do with their bodies.

p5 ; Their should be more laws that force different occupations to hire more women.

p6 ; In countries that still practise underage/forced marriages, there should be laws to punish people who do that and more places for women to seek refugee is this is happening to them.

p7 ;  No comment

p8 ; Decrease the gender wage gap for women for more equal pay.

p9 ; Need to place laws to make sure women get equally paid to men. Furthermore allow women the right to have an abortion at any point.

p10 ; Harsher laws against people who beat their spouses.


Do you think that 3rd wave Feminists are a good example for young women ? ;

p1 ; Not entirely

p2 ; Not entirely

p3 ; No

p4 ; No

p5 ;  yes

p6 ; Not entirely

p7 ; No

p8 ; Not entirely

p9 ; yes

p10 ; No


Why ? ;

p1 ; Feminists encourage women to work for themselves and be their own individuals rather then just living life for men.

p2 ; A lot of Feminists teach many young women not to centre their lives and self worth based on what people think which is good, however many of them are very mean and unhealthy which is not good for young women

p3 ; A lot of them encourage women to live lives which are very bad for a lot of women.

p4 ; No because, a lot of feminists lead very unhealthy lives physically and mentally however, they do encourage women to work and rely on themselves

p5 ;  Yes because, many young women can look up to successful women in society and therefore be encouraged to work hard in their lives and pursue a career, rather then just aspiring to be a housewife.

p6 ; Many feminists today are quite aggressive however they do encourage women to get an education and be self sufficient.

p7 ; No comment

p8 ; Feminist are a good example to women who wont to get into a job that mainly men go into. However they are mean to women who that want to be more traditional. They mainly present one perspective of what women should be and not all.

p9 ; Feminists encourage women to go to school and get careers furthermore, they give hope to a lot of women who do not fit the stereotypical image of what women should be.

p10 ;  They are very hypocritical and bash people who do not agree with their views.


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