Idea 1 ; Feminism

As third wave Feminism progresses, more and more often many people are beginning to talk about female sexual promiscuity the sex industry and whether it is a benefit or detriment to the Feminist movement. Around second wave Feminism was when the sexual movement started to take off, with women promoting lesbianism and sexual promiscuity. Many Feminists would promote and encourage other women to enter into relationships with other women rather then men, and also tell them to be as sexually active as possible and praise women who went into or were already in the sex industry such as escorting, exotic dancing and prostitution. This was because the norm and stereotype for women was to be quiet, sensitive, pure and to submit to men, Feminists wanted to challenge that and thus did the exact opposite of the stereotypes.

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All around the world their is an obvious obsession with purity and virginity, and women are more harshly judged on it then men. I believe this is linked with pedophilia and possessiveness, as a woman who is virgin or inexperienced is seen as gentle and innocent many men like the thought of being with a women who has not been with another man. It gives them a sense of ownership and control because they can be the one to teach the spouse how to be and what they want. It was the norm around that time for older men to be with younger women, One reason was because women biologically can no longer reproduce once they reach a certain age (40s) where as men can continue to reproduce throughout their lives depending on their health. Women would objectify themselves and men would pay to watch, I think this was the beginning of the fall of Feminism because by women objectifying themselves it made men more sexually violent and possessive. Because since women were already degrading themselves a lot of men felt like they could to. This topic became very evident to me after the ‘grid girls’ incident. Grid girls are women/models who are used to conduct promotional tasks, they wear clothing that represents a brand and also do other tasks such as holding umbrellas and lining the corridor for the drivers to walk through. Many Feminists did not like the occupation because they felt like it was objectifying to women, after a while they managed to get the occupation banned but it is set to open again soon. A lot of women in the occupation said while on BBC, that they felt like their rights were being ignored and that the Feminists movement was being very hypocritical, for not allowing them as women to use their bodies as they wish.

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Although I do agree that these women should have the right to choose the occupation they want I also see where the Feminists are coming from. For example although they do have grid boys they are not represented as scandalously as the women do, many Grid girls wear very revealing clothes for example tank tops and tight shorts. Which from a marketing perspective is very smart because many men in the audience will want to look at the women and then as a result will notice the brand on their clothing. The women’s bodies could however do the complete opposite and distract the audience completely from what they are supposed to be looking at. I think most women who do not reach the standard of beauty are very envious and jealous of women who do. There is a sense of power that beautiful women have that cant be ignored, its easier for them to make money in many industries, they are treated better, trusted more etc and many other women do not like that they have that advantage over them.

The irony is that their are other occupations such as exotic dancing (stripping) and Drag which by definition is the exact same as Grid girls, where a person flaunts their body for income. Many Feminists encourage and embrace Pole dancing to the extent where their are people who consider and would like pole dancing to be considered a sport. I personally would consider drag to be more sexual and inappropriate then grid girls. As the men sometimes dress more scandalously and use more sexual innuendos then grid girls do the same goes for exotic dancing as well. I believe the over sexualisation of women is very counterproductive to what their initial purpose of the movement was for, because the people who mostly benefit in the end is men. This is because if women engage in sex very frequently that means men get to have more sex. Secondly the people who own and control the porn industry and exotic dancing companies are men so by women involving themselves in these industry’s they are only making these men they hate wealthier.

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Ever since Feminism has progressed their has been an obvious decline in the happiness of many women, of-course there are many other factor’s which have contributed to this such as the expansion of media, however many people still believe that this is strongly linked towards Feminism. Anyone would be lying if they denied the positive contributions Feminism has had towards society, one of which is the laws placed on the fashion industry, due to the extreme malnourishment of most runway models Feminists contributed to installing a law which meant models had to be of a certain weight before they could work. Many companies now will be criticised unlike before when they were ignored if they showcase an extremely skinny model. Another positive contribution to the fashion industry is the amount of inclusivity that many feminist have encouraged, we now have a broader amount of models instead of just one ideal and so and so forth. They also gave women the right to vote and have to choice to have abortions.Although these contributions should lead to women being happier, many are not, a lot of people believe that this is because women naturally have different traits to men which is true such as they are more caring, nurturing and better mediators etc. which means they would much rather prefer to be mothers and look after their children and family because biologically that’s what satisfies them. Another reason is because many women don’t like being promiscuous, its obvious that many women are very emotional and emotionally attach themselves to people more then men. So when they continuously get into unsuccessful relationships or have many sexual encounters it makes them depressed.

Due to the increasing amount of power that many women are beginning to obtain many men within society are now beginning to feel a sense of worthlessness due to the changing gender roles. Before the 21st century gender roles were practised strongly and they were that women were the sole care givers of children, and stayed at home where as men would be the bread winners(workers who provided the homes main income). Adding to this people during the earlier generations would marry a lot younger. However during the booming of Feminism many women began to be a lot more sexually promiscuous, and tried to stomp the patriarchy and gender roles thus avoiding monogamy. Furthermore this encouraged many women to get divorces and become single mothers. During 3rd wave Feminism when the supposed gender wage gap was being talked about. Many western countries installed laws that meant that businesses had to employ more ethnic minorities and women, this is counterproductive because by openly rejecting white people they are doing the same thing that many minorities complained about to begin with. As a result of the increase in women working and being able to support themselves adding the increase in marrying ages and standards, many younger men no longer know what part of society they are useful in now that women are capable of doing most by themselves. This led to the creation of incel culture(involuntary celibate), an incel is someone who desires a partner but cant get one because they do not live up to many women’s standards. One of the infamous Incels are Elliot Rodger who killed six people because of his frustration towards women. Another example is with Scott Beirelie, who killed two women in a Yoga studio for similar reasons. A group MGTOW(Men going their own way), an online community for men against serious romantic relationships with women which is apart of the bigger community Manosphere was also created due to the changing nature of gender roles and society. just like many women these men are purposely being rebellious to try and prove a point. By promoting the concept that their are no biological traits that separate both the sexes or make the unique amongst the other, pushes unrealistic standards especially for women that they are comparable to men in all aspects even strength and sort of takes away men’s worth and purpose when it comes towards the protection of women and providing both physical and financial security for women and children. Stay at home mothers before had to do a lot more work for example, they had to wash clothes by hand, wait for them to dry, wash dishes by hand, sweeping with a broom etc. Nowadays women have washing machines, dryers, dish washers and vacuums etc which means they do a lot less then they did before. Where as men’s hours have not changed if anything sometimes they work a bit harder as a lot more people have multiple jobs. The fact that many Feminist/women complain that men should be doing more is just insane, so not only do they work the same amount of hours doing long hard work they then have to come home and cook and clean some of the house themselves a job that has already been made in irrefutably easier.

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If I use this topic for my Final major project my intent is to analyse and find out how the development of Feminism has affected women and men personally. I will do this by conducting interviews on young male and female students.

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