Idea 2 ; Desensitisation of society

Desensitisation is a topic that I have been thinking about and discussing for quite a while now but its something a lot of other people don’t really talk about. I only considered it as an option for my Final major project once I saw something I thought was shocking on the news. It was a couple of mothers who were making a porn video for their children because they felt like the main stream media porn was a very bad example of sex for many children. I agree the porn today is very violent and sexist as it mostly focuses on the sexual gratification of the male partner rather then the female partner and is often very violent and extreme. However I can see how many people might also find what the mothers are doing very hypocritical because any kind of sexual activity a child views earlier then they should can cause the same negative affect as porn today. On social media apps their is saturation of violence and porn and I always wondered whether someone that also has a link to the staggering amount of people suffering with mental illnesses. In Western society in particular we to taught to be extremely caring to others and always adhere to their problems even if they are very minuscule. Sometimes I wonder is this has contributed to our society being more sensitive and therefore having a higher chance of  becoming depressed.

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I remember from a very young age watching TV and seeing an extreme amount of violence fighting and discussions of extreme topics like depression and suicide even on children’s shows like Sponge Bob Square pants. As I got older I noticed how this has affected me things that used to have an affect on me don’t anymore. And we can see desensitisation in all aspects of life even in our hobbies. We all know were taught and notice early on that when we constantly do something after a while it no longer has the same affect on us as it did to begin with therefore we have to get a new toy or change the concept or increase the difficulty in order so we don’t lose interest or get bored. It is not a new concept that we have to continuously change things to keep our satisfaction.

Since the last couple of years, it has become very evident of societies need to force sexuality and sex into the lives of children at earlier and earlier ages. When searching the internet I found a disturbing movement called ‘Drag kids’, where children as young as 8 dress in scandalous clothing and mouth popular song lyrics. famous 10 year old child drag queen Desmond Napoles who goes by the drag name ‘Desmond is amazing’, has expressed an interest in Drag since a very young age as is so convinced that there are more children like him, to the extent where he has even created a group called ‘Haus of Amazing’ the first and only for now drag group for children where no adults are allowed. Another 9 year old Drag child who is also apart of the group, by the of name ‘Lactatia’, who became famous by being on stage with famous comedy queen Bianca Del Rio. has now appeared on Tv, famous show ‘Ru Paul drag race’ and has even modelled for an LGBT… fashion brand ‘House of Mann’ which sells, lingerie and BDSM clothing like harnesses etc. Expectedly people were outraged and were calling the company owners Pedophiles. As someone who has watched all seasons of ‘Ru Paul’s Drag race’ some multiple times, Drag is hundred percent something that should not be practised by children or even near them. The show itself continuously has references to sex in a very vulgar way, furthermore the audience is consistently exposed to semi naked bodies and bulging anatomies. The movement is slowly being practise by more children to the extent where it has become known world wide, 12 year old ‘Nes’ from Thailand proves this. Although I believe children should have the right to express themselves, this takes it too far. Recently the child drag queen was also seen performing at a gay bar in New York city, In the performance the young boy impersonated the sex icon Marilyn Monroe and was handed money from old men in the audience. Naturally most people found this very inappropriate and disturbing and child protective services(CPS) reported that they had received a total of 200 calls about Desmond . The fact that the children’s parents approve and allow their children to participate publicly, show that they are ignorant and do not have their child’s best interests at heart, Purposely exposing their children to the very problematic and sexual LGBT movement plagued with pedophilia. I would not even encourage a young girl to dress as scandalously as they do, I am pretty sure if they did people would take it much more seriously. School curriculum’s are even beginning to teach about sexuality and sex to children of younger ages. I understand that because of the increasing access to the internet and porn that parents and teachers are having to give children more accurate and responsible information early on but to this extent, it could be counterproductive. Recently in Birmingham in a majority Muslim area, parents were outraged to hear about a new school curriculum in their children’s schools which praised homosexuality. What made the incident worse was the fact that the school failed to notify and get the parents permission about the school curriculum. Many parents said that there children came home asking question about homosexuality and transgender-ism. The main problem though was the school teachers relation to LGBT and Islam. They did not like how they presented the LGBT as something that was acceptable in Islam. It is not secret that many Muslims are very homophobic the phrase “you can be Muslims and gay” is used often amongst them. Before we would have never allowed child dragging, this is an example of how our society is slowly accepting more and more negative or illogical practices. The same logic can be used for something like sexuality for example the non binary people etc, slowly societies standards start to decrease and people become more and more accepting even when they should not.

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If I use this topic for my final major project, my intent is to show the affects of desensitisation and how the media/social media constantly presents very violent or sexual content even when they saw they are not supposed to. I will portray this with a documentary and will use footage from social media apps and show peoples reaction towards it etc.

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